How To Wear a Pocket Watch: On A Step-By-Step Guide for Men

How to wear a pocket watch

How To Wear a Pocket Watch? A fine pocket watch complements a good waistcoat quite well. Furthermore, a pocket watch is usually worn in conjunction with a waistcoat. The pocket watch chain draping from the buttonhole to the other pocket looks very classy and elegant.

Unfold the pocket watch

You can roll up the watch or flatten it out on a table surface. Give the chain a nice tug when the watch is unfolded. It is to ensure that the links are in their appropriate holes. Use the lugs to place the watch Place the lugs in the center of the chain. Then insert the chain between the lugs.

For a no-kinking watch, you need to give the lugs a thorough tug just to make sure that the links are in their holes. Attach the chain to the top hole with the top link of the chain resting against the crown. Pull the chain gently upwards. Place the second hole behind it with the second link resting against the second crown. Attach the chain With the two holes behind the first, your job is just about done. Grab the second link and pull it around to get a secure place for it.

Attach the pocket watch

The first step is to attach the watch chain to the buttonhole button of the waistcoat. Attach the chain to a buttonhole button that is wider than the case of the watch. Most people recommend using the buttonhole on the back of the waistcoat. You can also use the one on the front. So feel free to adjust the buttonhole to suit your buttonhole.

Do not put the pocket watch on the suit front. Do not wrap the chain all the way around the waistcoat to get the watch close to your body. Instead, place the watch closer to your stomach. Etiquette says that you have to sit or stand in the office when wearing a waistcoat. This means that you have to be certain that your pocket watch is out of sight. That until it is needed.

Fasten the chain

The simplest and most common way to put a pocket watch on is to fasten the chain into the buttonhole of the buttonhole. That is, the chain will be drawn through the buttonhole. Then fastened in. However, as there are many other ways to fasten the chain into a buttonhole, the most preferred method is to use a two-part clasp-lock fastening on the side of the buttonhole.

Since there are two clasp-lock fastening sizes, you need to go for the right size. Before you go ahead, here is what you need to check for. Diameter: The diameter of the buttonhole should be about 16 mm. The diameter of the buttonhole should be about 16 mm. Length: It should be about 15 mm longer than the diameter of the buttonhole. It should be about 15 mm longer than the diameter of the buttonhole.

Button the pocket watch

To button the watch, first, take out your watch and your buttonhole and put them together into a small rectangle. Clip it shut Put the small rectangle in the center of the buttonhole, then clip it in the buttonhole. Now you can close the watch and wear it. Wristwatch Hence, our alternative to the pocket watch is the wristwatch.

When it was first invented, it was not uncommon to wear a pocket watch on one’s wrist. The pocket watch was worn on the left pant leg inside. When the pocket was needed, the pocket watch chain dangled from the buttonhole. There were several different styles of wristwatches in use during that time. A bracelet-type watch was sometimes worn with the watch chain hanging over the wrist.


A nice-looking watch or pocket watch on your wrist is a good sign that you’ve done your best to get the best watch for your budget. Take a look at our other watches for men guide, if you’re looking for a great timepiece in the perfect style for you.

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