Do Persian cats make a great companion?

persian cat

It is easy to say that pets make a great companion but would they be specifically a great companion for you? If what are the pros and cons of having a Persian cat as a pet and do Persian cats make a great companion are some of the questions that run through a lot in your mind, then you can now get to know whether a Persian cat is the one that you have been seeking for as a new member in your family!

Being one of the oldest breeds of cats, Persian cats definitely have a royal look to them and are also one of the most famous cats around the world. But if you are looking for a cat that can run around and play along with you then Persian cats might not be the one as they are the ones to make you feel a lot cozy and comfortable than running around.

It is almost impossible to say to a Persian cat once you have taken a look at them. The irresistible charm of a Persian cat is far known to everyone in the world which makes it one of the reasons why a lot of people love having Persian cat as a pet! Here let’s look at some point which will let you know whether a Persian cat is the companion you are looking for or not!

Pros of having a Persian cat at home:

1. Loving nature:

A Persian cat needs nothing more than getting on your lap and getting cuddled! Due to this loving nature of Persian cats, it is perceived that they can easily blend in with any of the family members.

2. Good among children:

The households that have children will need a cat who can easily get along with children. If you are trying to find one for your family members then now you can visit Persian cat shop in Delhi, Mummy Cat. You will also be able to find a lot of other services provided for your pets at this store. Persian cats from Mummy Cat are trained to be good with children and hence you can stay assured about the safety of your children with these cats. Not to mention the patient and gentle nature of the cat will do no harm to the children present in the household. However, supervision of children around cats and telling them not to play rough with cats will be something you need to teach your children.

3. Soft and sweet voice:             

Unlike some of the noisy cat breeds like a Siamese cat, Persian cats make it easy for you to sleep at night. Its purring is almost inaudible making it a suitable pet for small apartments. It is also soothing to hear the voice of a Persian cat and might relieve some of your stress as well. If all you need is a cat who can stay and cuddle with you then a Persian cat is your perfect companion.

Cons of having a Persian cat as a companion:

1. Might not be quite sharp:

Training a Siamese cat might be a lot easier than training a Persian cat as they tend to grasp things lower than the Siamese cats. However, you need not worry as not all Persian cats are lightheaded while there are some who are smart as well and hence you need not worry about not being able to control them.

2. High maintenance:

The fur coat of a Persian cat is a thick fur coat and will require high maintenance being followed. This means that you need to make sure you brush your cat’s hair at least once a week or else it might be hard to control the mess in your house. So, if you are someone who cannot devote time for your cat daily then a Persian cat might not be the best of your choices. However, if you can handle brushing your cat’s hair once everyday then you might want to take a look at the Persian cat price in Delhi NCR where you get the best of offers for buying a new pet.

3. Higher risk of health-related problems:

While it is true regarding any of the breeds that there is high risk of health problems, Persian cats are prone to face a higher rate of health issues. Some of the major issues are related to respiratory problems including brachyphalic airway syndrome. Apart from which polycystic kidney is also a commonly found health issue among certain Persian cat breeds.

Final Words:

Now that you know the pros and cons to having a Persian cat as a pet, the question do Persiancats make a great companion can be solved easily. Do check out Mummy Cat for more options for buying a Persian cat.

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