Drawbacks of Professional Flooring Installers

Professional Flooring Installers

While working with a flooring Installer contractor provides the benefit of convenience and a work guarantee, there are some drawbacks to consider. These are some examples:

  1. Total Project Cost – A professional flooring installer can cost four to five times the cost of materials for a do-it-yourself project. Because the cost of the actual flooring Installer is only a fraction of the total cost of the project, you must consider who you are working with and whether it is worthwhile to spend more money on professional installation.
  • Limited Availability – If you want to work with a specific flooring Installer contractor, you may end up on a waitlist if they are too busy. This could put your project on hold for a few weeks, causing your other renovation plans to fall behind.
  • Sales Pressure – Professional flooring installers will only come to your home after speaking with a sales manager or project manager who confirms the type of flooring you require and when the project will begin. To learn about different types of flooring and recommendations based on your goals, you may need to sit through a sales presentation. There may be some pressure to select a product, sign a contract, and begin work. If you are uncomfortable with this and prefer to shop for your own flooring, you may be unable to work with certain flooring installer contractors.
  • 4)    Little Room for Error – There is little room for error unless you have previously installed different types of flooring Installers. Certain types of wood flooring and tile flooring can be more difficult to install than others, and correcting mistakes isn’t always simple. You must be prepared to correct errors quickly or risk destroying the entire project.
  • Removing Old Flooring – As part of the project fee, almost all flooring Installer contractors will remove the old carpet, flooring, and underlayment and dispose of it properly. If you have to do it yourself, you’ll have to load all of that material onto a truck and transport it to the dumpster. You will also be responsible for all cleanup duties in order to prepare the area for the new flooring.
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