Expert Tips for Purchasing Used ATV Parts

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The internet is teeming with marketplace listings for used ATV parts. Three simple pieces of advice can help you avoid these situations:

  1. Examine the individual selling the part.
  2. Check to see if the specific part is a good candidate for purchasing used.
  3. No matter how good the deal appears to be, proceed with caution.

The importance of research begins with the ratings of the shop or individual selling the used part. The feedback ratings on eBay provide a running score on how the seller lists products, communicates with buyers, ships products, and other factors. Examine the comments to get a sense of customer satisfaction and how the seller may handle any disagreements.

Consider the Part

It is not always advisable to purchase used parts. Brake pads, brake lines, control cables, and air filters should all be purchased brand new. Don’t play with items that are critical to the longevity and safety of your machine. Tires, wheels, chassis, and engines, on the other hand, are excellent candidates for re-use. The front and rear differential housings are most likely rebuildable. Engines can also be rebuilt one or two times.

Axles necessitate special attention. The constant velocity (or CV) joint at each end of the axle is heavily stressed and worn. Although they can be rebuilt, if the joint inside the boot is worn out, it may break on your first ride. For used axles, the general rule is that if the joint is very loose and flops around on the end of the axle, you should probably rebuild it before using it. If the boot on the CV joint is ripped, disregard it and move on.

Many ATV parts and SXS transmissions are CVT or belt drive. Never purchase a used drives belt. Also, unless the loaner ATV parts or SXS is only a couple of years old, exercise extreme caution when purchasing drive or driven sheaves. Grooves or lips will form on the sheaves if the machine has been ridden for many years without service. The headache is probably not worth the savings.

Begin with these simple guidelines for purchasing used ATV parts or SXS parts. You’ll soon buy and repair like a pro, saving money while keeping your machine in top shape.

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