How to Take Care of Color Contacts

Colored eye Contacts

Colored eye contacts are just cosmetic, not medically necessary, and are still viewed as such. They must therefore be properly taken care of in order to maintain their health and comfort on your eyes at all times. To avoid this, be cautious while handling and storing your contacts before and after use, careful when putting them in, and gentle when taking them off.

If you want to learn how to properly clean and treat your colour contact lenses, there are three things you should keep in mind.

1. Use or wearing frequency matters

  • Colored contacts that have just been obtained should be worn more frequently over time. They should only be worn for two hours on the first day. Add two hours per day for the following days. So forth. Your eyes will thank you for doing this. You’ll also have little trouble getting used to the thought of having something implanted in your eye.
  • Wearing colored contacts nonstop for eight hours is not advised. Additionally, it is not a good idea to wear them while you sleep.
  • Additionally, they are not allowed when swimming or when you have the flu or a cold. As soon as you put on your lenses, germs can readily spread to them. Some medications may also cause your eyes to become dry, which could make you feel uneasy or irritable.

2. Cleaning Process

  • You should clean your contact lenses frequently, ideally every two days. Make sure your hands are clean before beginning the cleaning process.
  • To remove protein buildup on your contact lenses, use a protein removal solution. Your lens will blur if you assume this to be true. Also, they are prone to tearing.
  • When cleaning your colored eye contacts, your fingernails must to be neat and short. Long nails on the fingers might harm lenses. Long fingernails may also harm lenses, so you’ll need to take additional care when putting them on.
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