Explore New Heights In The On-demand Delivery Business By Launching The Postmates Clone


In the midst of popular aggregator apps, traditional businesses are finding it hard to gain the focal point of the users. The fundamental reasons behind users preferring aggregator apps include a variety of service providers, accessibility to a different range of services and delighting offers. 

Similarly, restaurant owners are making a rapid shift into the online marketplace by developing online ordering applications. You can retain your customers by offering a slew of menu items, discounts cards, and quick delivery services.

This blog will discuss the development of the Postmates like app. You may wonder about the purpose of discussing Postmates app development. Once you go through this blog, you will definitely get the inference. Let us start!

Postmates and its spectrum of on-demand services

Postmates is not a usual delivery application. Yes, the platform offers a pile of delivery services. “Delivery of any product at any time” is the motto of Postmates. The initial inning of this company was delivering e-commerce goods to the customer’s location. Later, they integrated food delivery services, which became a huge hit among customers.

Within a span of four years from the date of launch, the company achieved more than 2.5 million deliveries. For a startup, this number is a huge thing! Alright!

Many online platforms provide a myriad of delivery services in order to grab the full attention of the users. For example, assume that you are provided with two different types of applications. One application offers just a single service (food or grocery or medicine) while the other application offers many services. Of course, you will prefer the one that provides a cluster of delivery services. This is one of the reasons for the success of Postmates.

 Classification of on-demand services you can offer 

Though food delivery services are popular, there are other services that are gradually falling under the preferences of the users. 

Food ordering and doorstep delivery

An app that provides different online delivery services cannot skip the food delivery service. In fact, food delivery services will be the major part of the orders placed on any multi-services app. As stated previously, include different restaurants, provide discounts, and deliver the orders quickly. 

Grocery delivery services

The dreadful pandemic situation has forced people to shift from traditional shopping to online grocery shopping. Just by sitting at the comfort of their home, users can fill their cart with the necessary grocery items. Food delivery and grocery delivery will definitely fetch you a massive user base if your unique selling points are captivating.

Medicine delivery services

One of the most beneficial delivery services is the medicine delivery service. Though the medicine delivery service was in existence a few years ago, they have gained popularity only in recent months. Since stepping out from home during the pandemic is not advised, people are depending on medicine ordering and delivery platforms on a large scale.

What is more convenient than getting the ordered medicines right in front of the door? So, it is the best choice to integrate medicine delivery services into your app.

Parcel delivery

As stated, Postmates started out majorly as a parcel delivery services business. Helping users get their parcels delivered along with the live tracking facility is all needed to capture users. 

However, you can include more services based on your budget and users’ choices. Next, we will reach the core part that discusses the Postmates app development, and the total cost of development.

On-demand delivery app development and the stunning set of features

On-demand delivery services have become the dire need for the hour. So, you must be able to quickly develop and deploy the app. For that, the preferred choice would be Postmates clone app development. The clone app comes with a fully functional script with the required features. In simple terms, it can be launched at any time. Certain app development companies hand over the complete code to their clients so that the clients can perform modifications in the future. 

Overall, customizability, and the facility to launch the app quickly surfaces up as the major benefits of clone app development.

Basically, the aggregator apps comprise three stakeholders. Let us see the features that should be made available in each of the stakeholder’s apps.

The User App

Social media login – The social media login is to give users the convenience of joining your application. If the social media login feature is present, then users can definitely skip the registration process.

Category – Since your app will offer different services, the users should be able to select the category of service that they are looking for.

Estimated time of arrival – Every time a user books the service, the delivery time should be informed to them. For this purpose, the estimated time of arrival feature should be available in your app.

Track delivery – It is not just about letting your users know the arrival time, but they must also be given access to know the delivery professional’s location.

Integrated payment option – Users who choose to pay via digital payment options will expect different options like debit/credit card payments, PayPal, Braintree, etc.,

The Delivery Professional App

Route optimizer – Advancements in technology have resulted in knowing the best route for travel amid different routes.

Earnings – The delivery professional can view the history of earnings through their app’s earnings tab.

Delivery planner – The number of services pending for delivery can be viewed via the delivery planner.

The Service Provider App

Availability – Every service provider must mention whether they are currently available for taking up the service requests or not through the availability feature.

Service history – To help service providers keep track of the number of services processed, the app has got the service history feature.

Earnings – Similar to the delivery professional, the service providers can also check their earnings.

The number of income channels

  • Commission charges
  • Featured listings
  • Ads
  • Delivery charges

Wrapping up, the best choice for commencing your on-demand delivery business is by choosing the affordable and ready-to-deploy clone app solution.

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