Top 5 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

These days, virtually all businesses are keen to know the best programming languages for mobile application development. It is all because of the transition from traditional business to online business all over the world. 

Providing your customers with a mobile app means you both are benefited, which bolsters your relations with them, helping you overshadow your competitors.

But the integral part of mobile app development is the programming language used. You can’t pick one easily. There are over 600 programming languages with advantages and disadvantages. The more advanced app you want to run your business, the better programmer and developers you need with excellence in the programming language you choose or are required. 

You must not forget that the programming languages you choose are completely dependent on the operating system you pick for your app. Having taken your concern in mind, we have made a list of the top 5 programming languages to ease your selection. 

Mobile App Development Best Programming Languages in 2021 

1. Kotlin 

Kotlin is a renowned programming language well-known for boosting productivity and spreading positive vibes in the development process. It can be used in tandem with Java to build excellent-performing applications. The thing that makes it more popular among developers is that it has very clean syntax and simple code. This varied and versatile language provides a developer with a compact and cleaner code than Java. 

Apart from that, Kotlin’s advanced features also make it easier for a developer to pay heed to both expressing their ideas and less code for writing. This language is so credible that it is considered a clean and tidy Java version. 

2. React Native 

React Native, a JavaScript framework, is highly appreciated for providing localized apps for both Android and iOS. This language is based on the response, Facebook’s JavaScript library, to make user borders. 

However, instead of targeting the browser, React Native targets the mobile platform. Some people also called this helpful language the cockroach of the information technology industry due to using UI mechanisms as native iOS or Android applications. Feedback apps are for free like other native applications. 

Experts find it the top framework for mobile application development purposes for both native iOS, which means JavaScript is utilized to build a cross-platform application. That can function on different platforms rather than building separate applications for each system.  

React Native language expresses the capability of reusing native presentation code and assists in building advanced, faster, and cheaper apps. 

3. Objective C 

Objective C is a very important language for iOS applications. It was selected by Apple to create healthy and scalable applications. This language is an extended version of the C language. 

It is a general-purpose, object-oriented, and helpful programming language with additional features like Smalltalk-style messaging. Objective C is a well-updated and powerful language mainly used for macOS apps and operating systems. 

When it comes to writing software for iOS and OSX, then the basic programming language is used. It is an Objective C programming language and provides object-based active runtime and ability. 

4. Python 

Python is regarded as the best programming language highly considered a defined, object-oriented, high-level language for programming purposes. It also comes with dynamic words. 

This famous language was built into a data arrangement mutual with fast typing and dynamic mandatory. Python is built for high-level and fast application development. It is also used as a scripting or glue language to link existing scripts together, which makes it very appealing. 

It is easy, clean, attractive, and a little complex language. Due to its simplicity and readability, we have kept this language on our list. 

5. Swift 

If you intend to create something marvelous for Apple products, then Swift language is your best companion due to having high-class features along with minimum coding that can be easily maintained. 

This high-level language is used to make Apple’s ecosystem much better, mainly taking into account its spread in written code for Apple’s modern APIs, Cocoa Touch, and Cocoa. Although used with Objective C, Cupertino is declaring that it will switch to Swift for complete programming for an iOS developer. 

Swift is built to remove programmable security risks from Objective C, which is why mobile application developers should move to Swift. Most businesses utilize this language to develop modern applications. 


Here, We told you what the top 5 programming languages are for mobile app development. The 5 best languages for mobile application development are React Native, Swift, Objective C, and so on.

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