Find the Top 5 Insulation Mistakes to Avoid

Ontario basement insulation

Insulation is significant for any household. Good insulation guarantees low energy utility bills and high energy efficiency. A spray foam insulation in Markham, ON, ensures that the indoor temperature will remain constant throughout the unpredictable weather conditions. So, it gives relief to house owners in cold winter months and harsh summer months.

In Ontario, basement insulation and attic insulation are two of the must-have feature in any household. Insulations are one of the most cost-effective solutions as they can last up to 15 to 20 years. Depending on the type of insulating material you choose, insulation can last more than five decades. However, it is suggested that one changes their insulation after every fifteen to twenty years owing to the inevitable damage. A spray foam insulation in Markham, ON effectiveness, depends on the insulation process. Many things might go wrong in households of Ontario during basement insulation and attic insulation. Some of the common mistakes are mentioned below-

1. No air sealing

One of the most important things to do before installing insulation is air sealing your attic and basement. You need to make sure that there are no air leakage spaces in the area. Insulation ensures that the heat enters and leaves the house slowly. It can only work when the air sealing is done efficiently. The main areas for air sealing are the side of windows, doors, drainage system, lights, sides of ventilation areas. Inefficient air sealing will lead to the accumulation of moisture, molds, pest infestation, and fluctuations in the temperature. Poor air sealing reduces the effectiveness of insulation, resulting in high utility costs and early damage to the insulation.

2. Gaps in the insulation

The insulation needs to be done with precision and concentration. The insulating materials should be placed very close to each other to avoid any possibility of gaps. Even a slight gap between the attic walls, floors and ceilings, and insulation will reduce the effectiveness of the insulation. This kind of blunder usually happens when the inexperienced house owners take insulation as the Do It Yourself (DIY) project. If you happen to come across such gaps, fill them immediately or ask the experts to fill the gaps. Most gap cases are found when the house owners use spray foam insulation for a DIY project.

3. Material is important

Insulation longevity also depends on the type of material you use. Since the insulation will last up to more than a decade, choosing high-quality insulation material is wise. House owners need to choose the insulation material depending on the weather conditions, house design, placement of different equipment like the ventilation and HVAC systems. The usages of the area are also one of the deciding factors when choosing an insulation material. House owners also need to understand the pros and cons of the different insulating materials and then decide on the quality of the insulating material.

4. Do not block the vents

Proper ventilation is equally essential for adequate insulation. Many house owners seal the ventilation areas instead of sealing the sides to make their attic completely air-tight. Unfortunately, sealing the vents will accumulate moisture in the attic, resulting in mold outbreaks and pest infestation. The molds and pests destroy the insulation materials. Clean the ventilation ducts and obstruction-free vents will help in regulating the airflow and maintaining the temperature.

5. Overstuffing with insulation

Overstuffing the attic and basement with insulating material is not good because it will make the insulation less effective. For example, if you opt for fiberglass insulation, then a thin layer of fiberglass insulation is highly recommended because the air pockets will trap the heat and maintain the temperature. However, putting in a lot of fiberglass insulation will lead to compressing the air pockets, leading to ineffective insulation. Similarly, you need to follow the industry standards for spray foam insulation because a thick spray foam can take up much space, and chemicals will be hazardous for people.


For long-lasting insulation, it is better to rely on industry experts rather than taking up the project. If you are adamant about taking the insulation project, you should then it is suggested that you call in experts to guide you. Many people want integrated fireproofing and insulation solutions to reach out to the best-fireproofing company in Toronto, which also offers insulation solutions.

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