How To Clean Couch Like A Pro

couch cleaning

Couch Cleaning Tip to Follow

Step 1: Vacuum up all the crumbs!

Remove any obvious large crumbs or debris from your couch first with a vacuum cleaner. I’ve found that this is one of those jobs that you’ll want to invest in a good quality, nonpowered hand held vacuum cleaner for. Carpet sweepers are not very effective at picking up things like dust and lint (which will just sit atop the carpet pile), but they have an awkward way of blowing those particles away from where you actually want them to be picked up (you don’t want to blow dust away from the couch and into your room). Having a vacuum with adjustable suction is also really helpful, because you can increase it for any particularly stubborn areas without having to use elbow grease.

Step 2: Brush up!

Grab a broom or some kind of stiff brush (many brooms are just brushes with an extra long handle) and begin brushing all of the surfaces that might have accumulated crumbs. The body of your couch is probably mostly covered in some sort of fabric upholstery, so this will be pretty easy. You’ll want to look at the couch coverings carefully to see where there are stitching lines – these seem like they would be likely places for little bits of lint or food to get caught. If you’re particularly concerned about having clean fabric upholstery, you might want to look into using a lint-brush to brush out the stitching lines (those brushes are often used for cleaning clothes; you can find them next to the vacuums and clothing in most stores).

Step 3: Vacuum again!

Once your couch is mostly free of visible crumbs, vacuum once again. Your vacuum should pick up any invisible bits still hanging out on the surface of your couch at this point. You may want to take another pass with your broom or lint brush as well depending on how thorough a job you want to do!

Step 4: Shine it up!

You can polish your couch using any number of non-toxic, environmentally safe products. Here’s a few you could try – just spray or brush onto the surface to be cleaned and then wipe clean with a cloth:

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