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Simply choose the Kershaw 1620 if you are in the market for a new blade. These knives are well-known for being both multipurpose and long-lasting. The models are well-thought-out and feature the most recent advances, ensuring that you will discover exactly what you require.

Kershaw Knives’ Characteristics

The aided opening, which may be achieved with the finger stud or the built-in flippers, is a typical characteristic of Kershaw pocketknives. When the blade is opened, they contain a locking feature, so you will not have to fear about the knife inadvertently folding.

Kershaw Knives come with a range of add-ons to fit your requirements. There is something for everyone, from inbuilt pry bars to openers to a lanyard attachment. Kershaw pocket blades are also available with a range of blade points, including tanto, hooked, and drop tips.

Kershaw Knives make folding knives for any occasion and price, and they are famed for their toughness. Trust our staff to assist you in selecting the ideal knife for your needs.

We are dedicated to giving you the greatest possible shopping experience, so please get in touch and let us help you choose the correct Kershaw 1620 for your needs.

Kershaw pocketknives come in all sorts of styles, however they all have one thing in popular: their power and quality. They are extremely durable and built to rigorous specifications.

Working with the top architects and knife manufacturers ensures that you get a high-quality product. Thus, whether you need anything to cut tape on a shipping box or a camp and sporting knife, we have got you covered.

kershaw 1620

1620 Scallion (KS1620P)

The Scallion is a compact knife with a 2.25″ knife, making it ideal for pocket travel. However, simply because the Scallion is little does not imply it is not powerful. In reality, the Scallion is up to any cutting job you can throw at it, from breaking down a plastic container to cutting twine to slicing apple slices for breakfast.

The Scallion is also fitted with SpeedSafe aided opening to ensure that your handy small blade is often handy when you really need it. The sword moves out of the grip when you pull back on the reversible blade bulge or push on the thumb stud. The high-carbon blade steel maintains its edge well and resists corrosion well. The bead-blasted finish is simple to keep clean.

The Scallion has two locking systems for further security. The locking liner keeps the knife open and prevents it from closing accidentally while in use. The Scallion also has a Tip-Lock slider that holds the blade shut when folded to prevent it from unintentionally opening during transportation. The Scallion’s embossed, glass-filled polyamide handle scales are sturdy, lightweight, and easy to manage, and come in a traditional black colour.

Enjoy More With Kershaw 1620

You can cut meals and open packages with an excellent Kershaw 1620. You can use a blade to defend yourself and administer first aid in an emergency. There are numerous occasions when it can be useful.

Use it outside: If you are going on a trip, fishing, or just enjoying the outdoors, a pocketknife should be at the top of your list.  The excellent Kershaw 1620 knife is ideal for cutting hooks or chopping wood, and more.

Practicality: It is all in the name. A pocket blade can be kept in your pocket or hung from a lanyard around the neck. In any case, it is compact and lightweight enough to be carried around every day.

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