Simple Steps to get your website visible on search engines in 2021

2021 and 2020 digital marketing is all about getting ranked on top at Google, you may think its quite tough however, with the right SEO you can do a lot more than just rank on the top of Google. As a regular searcher, can you tell us how many times you go to the second or third page when you are searching for some random shoes? You never do, right? Google’s first page of search engine is the place we all want to be at as the business owner. But is it really that easy? To be there? Not really… 

If you are looking for someone who can provide you managed SEO service. Trust me there is no one better than Ingenious Guru in this case. All the business brands are striving to get on top. There is no other place we want to be at than Google’s first rank. There is no denying to the fact that we all rely on the powerful search engine of Google to run our businesses successfully. Starting from getting to know about the latest trends to finally solving all the problems. It’s almost impossible to imagine where we would be without Google. It is important for the small business owners to think smartly regarding how people are using Google to locate you.

Here are a few ideas that can help you reach on top where we all as a business owner strive to be at.

Register your site at Google

Now that you are aware of the importance of Google for the SMEs its time you register yourself on Google. While it is possible for the Google bots to finally search your website and rank you at some page. It is recommended you take help from Google SEO to reach number 1. However, in order to reach there, it is important you inform Google about your existence by registering there. You should ensure your website is available on Google and to do that you can submit your sitemap to the Console of Google search. It gives Google a hit to increase the speed of the overall website indexing.

Rest a Link Tray

It’s time you should ensure your overall site appears as one of the most visited sites on google so that people are tempted to click on your page. This takes us to one whole new level of website on Google. Where you can plant links to the different sites all over the website. When all the Google bots reach to some hyperlinked texts. They eventually get some commands that take the visitor right to your website. 

In case you are looking for some crazy backlinks then you must look for the ways to write content for some other kinds of blogs and publications. However you make sure all these publications align with your niche. It allows you to show off all your expertise. Increase your domain authority and simultaneously add a link that takes you back to the side which eventually brings the visitor to your website. 

Use the right keywords

SEO is mainly about the right use of keywords. The more and the better usage of keywords will yield you most results. Good and the most effective keywords are usually 3–5-word phrases that the visitor often used to search a business like you operate in. The long tail keywords are more effective as they get you the right results. Long tail keywords are more workable rather than the short tail keywords. 

One of the reasons why long tail keywords are more effective is because their search volume is quite low. However you can be pretty strategic while incorporating them since they are quite specific. It would not be wrong to say, selecting the right keyword increases your chances of visibility on the search engine of Google and all the other search engines as well.

Be friends with the meta datas

Your metadata is one of the most important aspects of SEO. People often do not give it much importance which is one very wrong step on their part. Filling it out is one of the most essential steps for getting heavy traffic to your website. All the meta tags are the bits and pieces of the text that comes in the search engine result of Google to give an idea to the viewers of what they are about to see. 

When you search your query on the search engine, you would see lots of meta tags appearing in the displayed format. It includes blue letters along with the short blurbs in the black background which is known as meta description. The combination of these two datas is known as metadata. 

You won’t actually see this text on the website, yet it is very important for you to choose the right words and sentences as it makes your impression in your viewer’s eyes. All these labels are pretty important for your website as it convinces the user whether they should click on it or not.

Nicole Botello, I have been working in the field of web design since 2005. I am currently working as an independent designer.

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