How can you Store your Car Tyres?

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Tyres are manufactured and made with a softer rubber compound, allowing them to shift shape more quickly when driving over uneven roads and rough surfaces. The innovative 4×4 Tyres Manchester rubber compound makes the tyres flexible to offer you a convenient and comfortable ride regardless of the road and weather conditions. A proper pair of tyres will assist you in maintaining stability, allowing you to change directions with ease.

However, most of us have no concept of how to do it when it comes to storing tires. When we change tyres based on weather, we have no notion how to store the previous tyres. There are scientific methods for storing tyres so that the next time you use them, you can use them as they were without jeopardizing the tyre’s safety or mileage.

These are some of the most often recommended methods for storing tyres so that you may get the most out of them.

Clean the propeller and tyres

After being on the road full of dust for an extended period, many specks of dust may have gathered on the tyres. Therefore you should clean them before storing them. Cleaning the tyres can be done in several methods, including using soap, water, and a tyre brush to fully clean the tyres before storing them and then thoroughly drying them.

Tyres do not require any additional dressing.

People believe that if they add more dressing to their tyres, they will store them more appropriately, but this is not the case. Before storage, tyres do not require any treatment or shine product.

Tyres need to be correctly bagged up.

To properly store the tyres, you’ll need a large airtight plastic bag that matches each tyre. You must first check that the bag is clear of moisture, and then remove as much air as possible from the bag, and last, use tape to close it down. You can transport and store Car Tyres more easily by properly air tightening them and maintaining them clean and free of grime and dust.

The tyres should stay out of the sun.

Because tyres are constructed of soft rubber compounds, exposing them to the sun for an extended period can cause the rubber to wrack and wreck. Keep in mind that when storing tyres for an extended period, the sun must be avoided at all costs since excessive sun exposure can harm the life of tyres.

Chemical contamination should be avoided.

You must avoid a range of chemical exposures if you want to maintain your tyres for a longer duration of time. Some of the most common chemical exposures to avoid include fuels, ozone, and lubricants.

Select a suitable place

You must choose an appropriate location to store the tyre. When keeping tyres for extended periods, any extreme heat and humid temperature source should be avoided.

The tyres should be stored in the correct position

There are several options for adequately storing tyres, including standing them, sacking them, or hanging them. If you wish to keep and Car Tyres store your tyres for a more extended period without damaging the tyres.

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