What you should know about the CBC test?


The CBC stands for Complete Blood Count. It is a standard blood test that most doctors would want to check if you have an infection or want to know if something in your body is abnormal. While it is not a final exam, it is often used to determine how well you are in general. So, to assist you, here is everything you need to know about your CBC test.

What is known as the CBC test?

The CBC test computes the cellular components of blood. The blood components are analyzed using a variety of sophisticated machines. This takes a few minutes and yields detailed results. It calculates the number of white blood cells, platelets, and red blood cells in your blood. It also monitors hemoglobin (HB), MCH, Red cell Distribution Width (RDW), hematocrit (HCT), and Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin concentration (MCHC). The final results of the test are available within 36 hours of the collection of your blood samples.

What is involved in the test?

The blood test lab in Mumbai measures a multitude of factors to determine your overall health. The following is a breakdown of what is being measured:

  • Hemoglobin:

Hemoglobin is an oxygen-transporting protein found in your blood.

  • Red blood cells: 

These cells transport oxygen throughout your body. If your RBC count is abnormally low, it could indicate a disorder such as anemia.

  • White blood cells:

They are the germ-fighting cells in the body. A high number of WBC could indicate inflammation or infection. If you have a low count, it could indicate a viral infection or a bone marrow disorder.

  • Hematocrit:

This test determines how much of your blood is composed of RBC. If this count is low, it may indicate iron deficiency, whereas a high count may indicate dehydration.

  • Platelets:

Platelets are the glue that keeps your blood together, and they support in the clotting of blood.

Benefits of CBC Test

In the majority of circumstances, your doctor will order a CBC test for you. This is frequently done as part of routine checkups to assess the treatment’s efficacy.

  • CBC tests are the initial step in detecting an illness in your body based on symptoms.
  • Following a diagnosis, the CBC test will assist in monitoring your treatment procedures in light of your current health problems.
  • When medications influence blood cell counts, CBC can assist determine whether your medications are helping you.
  • The test aids in detecting irregularities in your health, and it is frequently used to diagnose anemia or leukemia in individuals.

How is CBC performed out?

The CBC test is performed at a doctor’s office or pathology lab, where a needle is inserted into your veins. This will aid in the collection of your blood sample. However, because a needle will be inserted into your veins, some people may get an infection. However, these infections do not penetrate deeply enough to cause you harm.

How should I prepare for the CBC test?

When your doctor orders a CBC test, you do not need to take any precautions before the test. Even before the tests, eat and drink as you normally would. However, if your blood samples are used for additional testing, you must take the measures prescribed by your doctor. If you use illegal substances, you should eat until your stomach is full and drink plenty of fluids. All of these procedures must be carried out soon before your blood is drawn.

What does the CBC result represent?

When you complete a CBC, your report will include two columns. The first will be your outcome, and the second will be a reference range. This reference range is considered normal by doctors and the medical community, and your results will be compared to it to comprehend your findings better. The doctor will offer you a thorough assessment and strategy based on your results compared to the reference range. Be mindful that each lab has a unique reference range and method for comparing the two.

Summing it up

A CBC is useful for determining a person’s general health state. The blood test merely entails collecting a sample of the patient’s blood. Thus, choose the best diagnostic centre in Mumbai for a blood test to determine the next step in treatment.

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