How Do Software Testing Companies ‘Test’ A Software?

Software Testing Companies

Every software development company invests a significant amount of time, capital, and manpower for development. However, testing a software before it is rolled out into production is critical. This ensures that all kinds of bugs and technical errors are dealt timely and effectively.

The importance of working with software testing companies is associated with verifying the true potential of the software. And here is how software is generally tested:

  • Unit Testing: Various modules, which a software is divided into, are tested individually. This is done to make sure that each and very unit is verified. Unit testing usually features one or two inputs and a single output.
  • Sanity Testing: This is performed on a software to check its stability and logical output.
  • Stress Testing: In this type of software testing, the software is tested under extreme conditions which sometimes exceeds the specified limits. This is done to measure the software’s potential when under extensive stress.
  • Performance Testing: In this method, software testing companies check the ability of the software in various real world conditions that a software may face once it is launched in to the market.
  • Usability Testing: This checks the software’s ease of usage and ensures that a new user is easily able to adapt to the interface of the software.
  • Security Testing: As the name says, this step checks the level of security which a virus or a hacker will have to face during an unauthorized access.
  • Alpha Testing: In this type of testing, a virtual environment is created to check the software in real life scenarios.
  • Beta Testing: This is generally the final stage of software testing. The real world users work on the software and share their experience with the testing team.


Software testing companies aim at ensuring a high-end software which is free of any defects and delivers as desired. Also, once the software has been released, debugging and re-releasing takes a lot of time and effort. Apart from hampering the credibility of the software, these defects also affect other schedules associated with it. To learn more about software testing, visit

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