How do we keep our Instagram account secure?

As you all know how social media has become a necessity in today’s world. So today everyone wants to make a different identity on their social media platform. So that you can easily create your own identity. But if you want to grow and grow your account on social media platforms. So for that, you have to create your own identity. Instagram account You must know how to manage the account properly. 

so that you do not have any problem. So whatever social media platform you want to use, then you should know about it. How to use your account correctly. Today we will introduce you to Instagram Services. Social media services Buy Instagram followers India. that you can easily increase followers in your account.

So let’s now talk about how you can keep your Instagram account safe. Then I want to tell you that Instagram is becoming a popular platform. By the way, the accounts of people are also facing trouble because they are not keeping their accounts safe. Taking advantage of which other users either spoil their account. Or hack their account, which can cause a lot of problems in our account.

We have to follow some steps and guidelines to keep our Instagram account safe. So that there is no loss in our account.

  • Don’t do phishing

Instagram gives you an option in this. In which you help your Instagram key to identify fake emails. If there is a fake user. So Instagram will detect with the help of its filters that it is fake. This also keeps our Instagram account safe.

You will be told as soon as you go to your Instagram account’s Settings > Security > Email. Where have you logged into your Instagram account in the last 14 days? And that’s all you need to know about the setting from which system your account is logged in. will know through

  • Check Login Activity:

As everyone today wants complete security of their Instagram account. So Instagram gives you another feature for this, after going to Settings > Login Activity you will know at what time and where you have logged into your Instagram account. This prompt will give you all the information so that you can keep an eye on the hacker.

  • Make Your Account Private:

As everyone definitely puts a post on their account on Instagram. And that post goes to almost all the users of Instagram. But if you want to show only those users. whom you know. and interact with Instagram users. So you can go to Settings>. Privacy > Account Privacy and turn on Private Account. Due to which your Instagram account will become completely private. Due to which your account will be able to see only your followers and your following. Even we can keep our Instagram account safe.

  • Disable Activity Status:

In Instagram, you get to know in a feature. That is when you are coming to the Instagram app and when not. Because if you talk to someone on Instagram, then in this you get to see a green dot above your profile. It shows whether you are online or offline on Instagram. That’s why you have to turn off Instagram’s Settings > Privacy > Activity Status so that no user can find out if we are online or not.

  • Block, Ban, or Report Accounts:

As you, all know there are fake accounts on Instagram too. Those who keep harassing other users and if we do not deal with them. They can damage our account as well. So on Instagram, if any account is sending you wrong content or posting wrong things. Then by going to his account, you will see three dots above, you have to click there. So that you can report it on Instagram.

If a user makes a wrong comment on the post in your Instagram account. Then he is violating the algorithm of Instagram. So you can block that account according to the guidelines of Instagram. After which that user will never be able to comment on you nor will he be able to comment. Your Instagram account will not be shown to that user. So that you can keep your Instagram account safe.

  • Mute Accounts:

If you think it is very important to mute an account. So you can mute that account. So that the account being muted does not know whether you have muted it or not. You do this because you want his followers or followings but don’t want to see any of his feeds. You won’t see a feed or any post stories for that account.

If you want to mute an account. So by going to that account you have to click on three dots. There you will find a mute option from which you can mute that account. So that you can keep your account safe.

To manage your mute list, go to Settings > Privacy > Muted accounts.

  • Remove Followers:

When you fail to block and report an account. So you can remove it from your followers, for this, you have to go to your profile. Then by going to the followers, you have to search for that account. The account you want to remove from your Instagram followers. Then after finding that account, three dots will be seen on it too, by clicking on it you can remove followers.

  • Inspect accounts:

There are many such accounts on Instagram. Which are fake but now Instagram has given us the option of inspection accounts to identify fake accounts. In which if you find an Instagram account to be fake. So Instagram lets you check those accounts properly. Navigate to their profile, tap on the three-dot menu. And go to about this account. There you will know whether that account is fake or real.

  • Control comments and stories:

Instagram takes care of everything related to your accounts. That’s why we love Instagram so much Instagram gives you this control too. Who can interact with your Instagram account in the post? If you want to turn off your comment option on a post. So you have to click on the three dots on the side in that post and tap on Turn off commenting.

In the next option, you can go to Settings> Privacy> Comment. Where you can block specific accounts. And you can fix this by putting filters in the comments on your Instagram account. And you can also choose who will comment on your Instagram posts and who will not.


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