How to build a group video call app in 2021?

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Given the rising popularity of video communications in the present digital age, almost every business is moving forward to building an efficient video chat app for itself. As video chats give way to quick interactions at any point of time, they are generally preferred more over voice calls and text messages. Video calls are more transparent and a face-to-face conversation helps you gain and develop a better understanding of the topic of discussion. Video call is a boon when it comes to performing business collaborations. With video conferencing, you can easily stay connected with your team at any point and at any given place. So, have you been planning to level up your communication game? Are you looking forward to developing a video chat of your own? We can help! In this article, we shall discuss the best ways in which you can build a live video call app. Stay with us and read on. 

How to add a group video chat feature to your chat application

There are two ways you can add a group calling feature to your application. One is building and developing your chat app from scratch and the other is integrating live video chat API into your application to enjoy team video calling experiences. Now, building the video chat right from the ground will consume a lot of capital and time. 

Building a group video calling app can be a complex procedure. You would be required to garner a server infrastructure with decent server capacity and bandwidth. All this can incur a lot of cost and long-term investment. It is better to spend on modern group video calling APIs for quick initiation of quality video chats with teams.  With advanced APIs and SDKs, you’ll also get privacy protection. Generally, the video APIs are end-to-end encrypted and keep your group conversations private and safe. Not only do video call APIs have improved security but also higher upgradeability.  Most of them are scalable and efficiently adjust and adapt to the changes in your business communication patterns. 

A quick sneak peek into online video call API

When building your group video call app by leveraging third-party API providers, it is essential to know as to what modern features to expect from your API provider. We are here with some of the top functionalities that you should know about. Let’s take a close look at them one by one.

1. Profile management 

A good video calling app is one where everything is efficiently organized. An efficient API allows users to display their general information such as their phone number and picture on their profiles. 

2. Online status 

Modern day APIs are equipped with advanced features that showcase the online status of video call participants. Online and offline status helps participants to identify if others are online or not. Teams can start their video call, once everyone gets online. This can save everyone’s time. Hence, today’s digital age APIs come with status functionalities. 

3. Screen share 

Screen sharing is one of the top features of well-functioning APIs. During group calling, participants can share their screen to explain their ideas clearly. This always gives way to smoother conversations and collaborations. 

4. Text messages 

A good video calling API would also allow you to send text messages to other participants during the call. It actually boosts the collaboration process. One can easily share important links and documents during group video interactions. 

5. Push notification feature

This is one another important feature that is generally present in video calling APIs. It allows you to get notified instantly regarding any missed video call from the business team. This way, one can quickly get back to the team for gaining any relevant information. 

Basic points to consider while building the best video chat app for your business

Before you actually start building your video calling app, it is essential that you decide whether you want to create it from scratch or by integrating modern APIs and SDKs into your applications. Here are some points that you might think of considering. 

1. Billing 

There’s no denying to build a live video chat app from scratch would require you to invest more capital. This is because setting up the whole infrastructure is not easy on the pockets.  But when you choose app APIs, you might be able to save some money. This is because some of the APIs provide you with customized options. So, you need to pay only for features that you need for your business. Integrating a video chat API is also less time consuming and helps you focus on your other core activities. 

2. Security

When you build your video chat app on your own, there are chances that you might not set robust privacy measures to protect your conversations. But with APIs, this is not the case. Most of the APIs are end-to-end encrypted and offer the best privacy features to protect all personal information shared during video conversations. 

3. Compliance 

This is also an important factor to look into while crafting your video chat app. In case of a  group video calling app, you need to make sure that the bandwidth is efficient enough to conduct real-time video experiences for your business team. There are chances that building a video app on your own might lead to poor bandwidth management due to less knowledge in this arena. However, this problem is solved when you opt for video call API. This is because they are well-equipped with a strong bandwidth that supports quality video calls. This ultimately leads to efficient team interactions. 

Offering cutting-edge social experiences via best live video app

By leveraging video call APIs, you can craft the best video app that fulfils your team communication requirements. With modern APIs, you can get the best interactive video chat features for your application be it voice functionality, text messages, emoticons and stickers, push notifications, video broadcasting, live streaming, and much more. All these features can help you facilitate smooth collaborations and communications within your team. Infact, modern APIs can also help you add extensions such as smart replies, text translation, and much more to enhance your  video calling experiences.

How to build a live video conference app faster?

As discussed earlier, befriending highly advanced video call APIs is the best way to build your video conference app faster. Video app APIs are super easy to integrate. The best part about some of them is that they are multiple device and browser compatible. This is a huge plus point as it will enable all your team members to conduct and participate in business video calls, irrespective of the browser or device that they utilize. This will make communications more and more convenient and smoother. Also, modern API providers offer you a fully-featured UI kit that looks after all your video chat requirements. They make sure to provide you with the entire source code.  You can also customize your video call preferences according to your unique business requirements. 


We hope our article helped you figure out and identify the best ways to build a live video call app in 2021. Video communications are the future of virtual interactions and can help you move up the ladder of team efficiency. So, what are you waiting for? Start working on your plan to build a group video call app today. Happy team communication to you! 

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