How To Choose The Right Type Of Face Mask

Wearing face masks has become the essential thing for every individual nowadays. As it helps to slow down the spread of coronavirus and even protect you and others from this life-threatening disease. If you are not vaccinated, you need to cover your nose and mouth with an appropriate face mask to keep yourself safe from this disease. It is imperative to know what type of mask you have to wear. COVID vaccination is one of the most important things to prevent coronavirus but wearing a face mask is also important.

So, let’s read this blog to learn about different types of face masks.

8 Types Of Face Mask

The centers for disease control and prevention and World Health Organization recommends that wearing mask lessen the effects of novel coronavirus. All face mask needs to fit around the face. However, it is important to cover the mouth and nose to be more effective.

1.      Cloth face mask

A cloth face mask easily fits against the face by using ear loops and ties around your head. Make sure your face mask is made up of multiple layers of fabric because it gives more protection against COVID-19. According to the researchers, a single-layer mask only gives 1% filtration, and a two-layer mask filters 35% of small particles, to give protection. So, to increase the mask’s effectiveness, it is necessary to focus on its construction, which means add multiple layers to make it more effective. The cloth mask is made from woven cotton material is best to protect from this disease and avoids skin problems.

2.      Surgical face mask

These thin, flat, and paper-like masks are mainly green and light blue in color. The surgical face mask is disposable and wears by the medical professionals while doing surgeries or different other procedures. The manufacture of 3 ply facemask Indonesia says the surgical face mask is made up of a combination of plastics and papers. These masks are best to protect from large respiratory droplets, but they are ineffective to give protection against smaller droplets. But surgical face mask is not created to be used for more than one time. It is significant to dispose of them after putting them off.

3.      N95 face mask

The N95 mask is designed in order to give people a protected shield between the outside air and the face. These masks are mainly designed to give excess protection to the healthcare workers from the droplets presents in the air. The N95 face respirators give protections against COVID-19 and various other respiratory diseases. These masks filter almost 95% of virus-containing particles from the air.

4.      Face shield

The face shields are made up of clear plastic sheets that hang down from the headband and covers the entire face from the head to the chin. Before this pandemic situation, these face coverings are used by healthcare workers who perform procedures that are disposed to body fluid splatter, such as dental hygienists wear face shields. These face coverings do not provide the same level of protection as masks do. 

5.      Bandana

A bandana is a square or a triangular piece of cloth that’s wear as the neck and head covering. However, tying a bandana around your nose and mouth is a simple way to avoid dust particles from the respiratory tract. This kind of face-covering helps you to give protection against respiratory droplets such as cough, sneeze, etc. The researchers say that wearing a bandana may decrease the effect by about 4 feet.

6.      KN95 face mask

KN95 face coverings are made by Chine that meets the standards of the N95 mask. Both masks are rated to give 95% of filtration of small particles. The KN95 mask gives a similar level of protection as N94. And these masks are made when there is a shortage of N95 masks.

7.      Cone-style mask

The cone-style face mask is created to perfectly around the mouth and nose. In these face masks, there is a strip of metal that is present at the top, so a person can adjust and secure the mask from the bridge of the nose. The researchers say that cone-style masks are not so effective as others. But these masks are effective as compared to the bandana.

8.      T-shirt mask

You can even craft your face mask by using any old t-shirt. These face masks are easy to make and also cheap, but these masks are less effective. To increase its effectiveness, you need to add more than one layer to it.

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