Benefits of Our Tree Planting Campaign in Ahmedabad

Trees are beneficial in filtering the air we breathe & water we drink. They also contribute by providing habitat to over 80% of terrestrial biodiversity in the world. That is not it! They are also responsible for providing jobs to 1.6 billion people, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and being one of the key ingredients in 25% of all medicines.

Below we are listing six benefits we receive when we plant a tree:

1) Air

Trees use their barks & leaves to purify the air we breathe by absorbing harmful pollutants & then releasing clean air. Various contaminants like nitrogen oxides, ozone & carbon monoxide are present in urban settings, which get absorbed by our trees. They also do an excellent job in sweeping harmful particles like dust & smoke. In addition, the atmosphere gets heated due to deforestation & the combustion of fossil fuel. Trees that are healthy & strong act as a carbon sink by offsetting carbon & decreasing the effects of climate change.

2) Water

Trees help prevent natural disasters like landslides & floods by capturing the rainwater. Their complicated root systems do an excellent job of acting like a filter by removing pollutants & slowing down the process of water absorption by the soil. This process results in the prevention of harmful waterslide erosion & in reducing the risk of flooding & over-saturation. According to a study, a mature tree can stop more than 15000 liters of water annually.

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3) Biodiversity

A single tree can be used as a home by millions of species like fungi, insects, moss, mammals, etc. Different animals in the forest need different habitats depending on the requirement of their food & shelter. The life of many species would be in danger without trees.

4) Social impact

The Forest industry excels in providing job opportunities to people, whether arborists, loggers, or researchers. However, we should not be solely dependent on trees for our living. Some of the advantages of sustainable tree farming are timber availability to build homes, shelter, & woods for cooking and heating. There are also food-producing trees playing a significant role by providing various nutrition-packed fruits, nuts, berries for consumption of both humans & animals.

5) Health

Were you aware that patients in the hospital having a room overlooking trees tend to recover faster than those who do not have the same view? We can’t ignore the feeling we get when we are walking through a forest that is calm & quiet. They also help reduce stress & anxiety up to a great extent allowing us to connect freely with nature. Last but not least they also provide shade which protects our skin from the harmful rays & harshness of the sun.

6) Climate

Trees use their trunks, branches, & leaves to absorb harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide & releasing oxygen, resulting in the cooling down of our planet.

Trees are good at reducing the temperature by 8 degrees, with the majority of the population (above 50%) living in cities expected to rise to 66% by 2050.

However, overheating & pollution are proving to be a real threat. Still, fortunately, mature & healthy trees are known to absorb as much as 48 lbs of carbon dioxide annually, making our cities a healthier & safer place to live.

Varun Shanbhag is a digital marketing professional and blogger with a strong passion for writing. He shares views and opinions on topics related to Indian festivals & a lot more.

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