How To Create A Dating App Like Tinder That Is Laden With Superior Features?

Tinder Clone

The digital cupid can be invited with just a touch of the button! Sounds strange or familiar? If I append one more hint, then probably you can spot the answer. Finding a suitable dating partner can now be accomplished online within a few searches. Yes, this whole write-up will be about trend-making online dating app development.

Tinder and everything else you need to know about it

Tinder is an extremely popular online dating application that has users worldwide. Any individual who is interested in finding his/her dating partner online from different regions can make use of this app. If you think it is as simple as that, then you must really get to know the number of enthralling features available in the app that makes the overall process of finding dating partners more interesting.

You will know in detail about the ready-made Tinder clone app and the features placed inside the app. It is not just about purchasing the ready-made app and launching it on app stores, but it is all about appending some personalizations to the app. To be simple, you can completely remodel the app as per your need. 

Features that make Tinder a most-loved dating app

For an app to gain reputation among its users, the subscription packages, the features, and the user interface are the three pivotal metrics. So, let us see the features employed by Tinder and then move on to the revenue models.

  • Quick sign up

Be it a dating app or a grocery app, users must be able to quickly sign up for the app. So, here, users can enter the app by using the username and password of any social media handles.

  • Profile

Every user must have a profile picture, and in addition to that, they must create their bio mentioning their interests. The match-finding algorithm run by the app will show profiles to users based on the interests mentioned in their profile.

  • Geolocation

One of the most alluring features of Tinder is the location-based profile selection. Geolocation is used to find out the geographic location of every user on the app and show them to other users. The users can explicitly mention the geographic location from which they want dating partners by mentioning the same while searching.

  • Swipe

Swipe is again one of the most-loved features of Tinder. After logging into the app, users will have access to profiles, and they can start swiping them. Users can swipe left to reject profiles and swipe right if they are interested. So, that’s how the swipe feature works. If you still think that the swipe feature will be a little slow, then Tinder has got you the fast forward and fast rewinding features. And these features will be covered under their subscription plan.

  • Ads-free

Hooray! While your users are busy and almost drenched in the process of finding their dating partners, they will definitely get annoyed if ads pop up. So, Tinder’s other paid feature is the ads-free feature.

  • Boost

Of course, users will wish to get their profiles highlighted so that they can easily get noticed by other users. Again, this is a paid feature.

  • Super like

Tinder lets users super like on any one profile per day. If a user super likes another profile, then that profile owner will be able to reply directly.

  • Automated matchmaking

The app facilitates the process of matchmaking through its algorithm. The algorithm picks profiles for users by going through the preferences given by the user and matches them with the user. Suppose the user is not comfortable with the automated matching algorithm, then he/she can unmatch the profile.

So, these are the predominant features of Tinder, which makes the app sound more interesting to finding dating partners. Here, we saw some of the paid features also, right? So, the app’s income will be from these paid features, subscription plans, and ads. The following section will bring up the income sources of Tinder.

What are the income sources of Tinder?

  • Subscriptions

Nowadays, every app rolls out a variety of subscription plans ranging from low to high. We all know about the freemium model, where the users can enjoy fundamental features like social media sign-up, location-based profile search, etc. Whereas users must pay for features like ads, free app usage, super like, fast-forwarding/rewinding, etc.

  • Ads

Ads are the prime income-generating source. Third-party ads will fetch you handsome income, and other than that, highlighting profiles of users, a.k.a featured listing, will also fetch you income.

We will reach the conclusion in a while and before that, let us quickly see the workflow of the Tinder-like app.

How does a dating app like Tinder work?

Step 1: Registration is the first step and post that users can log in and start browsing the profiles.

Step 2: As we discussed earlier, users have to create their profiles by specifying their age, gender, interests, and other details.

Step 3: Quickly based on the interests set by the user, the app will start suggesting matching profiles. Also, users can separately search profiles used the geolocation feature.

Step 4: If the user likes another profile, he/she can like and send a request. If that user likes the profile, then he/she can accept the request and start hitting the chat button.


A fulfilling experience is what users will expect from your dating app. So, your app should have features similar to the ones discussed here in order to provide a great experience to users. 


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