How to Select the Perfect Chat API & SDK Providers for Your Mobile App?

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Today, predominantly most real-time communications occur through chats. The first choice of many people to start any instant conversation is in-app chat.A survey report reveals the most popular chat app, Whatsapp, has a nearly 2 million monthly active user base.

With the above statistics, it is evident that chat apps are in use by millions of users. Moreover, businesses need chat apps to connect with customers in real-time scenarios. So, integrating a fully functional chat API and SDK into the apps is the key to run a successful business.

Relation Between Real-time Communication & Business

Most businesses these days are operating from remote locations. While a few are operating partially from remote. However, the ultimate need for all businesses is to stay connected.        

Although emails, phone calls are widely used, accessing and responding to chat messages via smartphones is easier, quicker, and faster than others.      

A study reveals that mobile phone messaging apps users will reach the 3 billion mark in 2022. The main reason for this is it helps provide instant fixes, with less wait time and is more convenient.  

How does anyone Select the Best Chat API and SDK Provider?

As chat apps become the important beneficiary element for businesses, it is the right time for companies to find their perfect chat SDK providers. 

Moving ahead, Here is a list of few important factors one should consider before selecting a Chat SDK provider.

  • Device Compatibility

You need to reach all users and your team across all platforms and devices for your business growth. It is essential to check if the chat API provider can give a solution accessible from all devices, including smartphones, and compatible on all web, iOS, Android.  

  • Highly Scalable chat solutions

The best chat SDK must be scalable. The chat solution should be capable of future expansions in terms of supporting a larger volume of users. Also, be it for one-to-one chat or group chats, the scalability option should be similar.

  • Optimal Customizable solutions 

A business chat app should be a solution to your requirements. Hence, it must relate to your unique business needs. Always select a provider who can offer you an optimal solution, blending the user-centric demands with the technology and tools.

  • Reliable & Secure communication 

When it is user-centric, reliability and safety are two crucial elements in your chat app. Remember to opt for a reliable chat SDK for android, and iOS. Advanced standard encryptions like AES, TLS/SSL have additional benefits.

  • Future-ready Solution

The app that you create should be capable of withstanding and adapting to future advancements. For instance, Push notifications, real-time chats, advanced voice and video calling features, auto message replies are few such features.

  • Analytics and Chat History  

When it comes to tracking your application’s performance, analytics, history, and chat management are the best features that will help you. Be it understanding your user needs or analyzing the potential improvement scope, analytics come in handy.

CONTUS MirrorFly — 100 % Customizable & Highly-Scalable Chat API & SDK

CONTUS MirrorFly is one of the leading and best chat API providers in the world.  Additionally, the 100% customization extends the liberty to meet all your user-specific requirements fulfilled. CONTUS MirrorFly solutions come with enriched features that can enhance user experience on all devices and across all platforms. Moreover, the expert team at CONTUS MirrorFly efficiently utilizes the technology and tools to deliver a fully functional chat API.

Enriched-Features of CONTUS MirrorFly Chat API & SDK

Basic features like one-to-one chat, group chat, push notifications and media sharing are by default available just like in any other APIs. However, what additionally CONTUS MirrorFly offers while you build an online chat platform are as follows:

  • Secure & Safe API
    CONTUS MirrorFly API is a highly secure API as it supports end-to-end encryption. It also has advanced encryptions and gives you complete control of the chat application.
  • A Highly Scalable API
    Building a Chat app with MirrorFly SDK lets you create an interactive and scalable app for 10M+ users and 1B+ conversations, and more.
  • One Time License Cost
    You can build a functional Messaging app for Android, iOS, web platforms, and all devices at a one-time license cost irrespective of the customization and the feature you choose.
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  • HIPAA Compliant Chat API
    The enterprise-grade security compliance ensures privacy protection and is suitable for all sorts of business apps to use MirrorFly Chat API with no data breaching.
  • Robust Infrastructure
    MirrorFly’s highly secure and end-to-end security architecture allows for scalability. However, the API has features like multi-platform synchronization and network compatibility, making it function well even in low network coverage areas.
  • Compatibility & Easy to Integrate
    Accessible from all devices, including smartphones, tab, and desktops. Supports all programming languages. Also, it is easy to integrate Chat API for android ,ios and web application.

Ease of Integrating CONTUS MirrorFly API, SDK into Chat Application of Multiple Industry Verticals.

Now, let us understand which industry verticals fall under the use cases to integrate and benefit from the Chat API.

  1. Healthcare 

The healthcare industry widely relies on establishing a secure and protected doctor-patient relationship. Using secure chat API in the digital space, you can provide personalized solutions.

  1. E-learning

With more students and teachers involved, customized chat rooms with admin controls are a must for learning apps. Also, using interactive chat SDK, you can create such an app focused on user retention.

  1. Online gaming

The live chats are more like an added attraction that keeps the players more engaged for a longer time in the gaming app. Building an interactive mobile gaming app is possible using the best mobile chat SDK.

  1. e-Commerce platforms

With the continuous growth of online shopping, e-commerce platforms are evolving like never before. Apps created with responsive chat solutions help convert visitors into customers and allow the business platforms to offer better service.

  1. Entertainment

Especially for the live sports and streaming of movies, events, in-app chat solutions come as a savior. As it allows conversations in real-time, allowing hosts and audiences to interact and engage instantly.

  1. On-demand delivery apps

Using in-app chat services in on-demand delivery apps, it becomes easy to monitor the service delivery, provide updates, and collect feedback.

Make The Right Choice

Given the digital world’s growth, you need to use advanced technologies to unlock the doors of digital space success. 

While it is time-consuming and more costly to build a Chat API and SDK, instead, you can select a chat platform api provider who can offer a Chat Solution that suits your needs.

If you are planning to select the best Chat API provider, CONTUS MirrorFly is your ideal choice. 

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