How to Create an App like OnlyFans and Gain the Maximum Customer Base?

There are so many content subscription platforms in the world right now where users can gain access to premium content behind a paywall by becoming members of monthly or yearly subscription plans. 

OnlyFans is one such leading content subscription platform functioning in the digital entertainment industry since its launch in September 2016 in the market. The Unique Selling Point (USP) of the online platform is that it rewards the content creators with adequate compensation plans paid either daily, weekly, or monthly. OnlyFans has also removed the middlemen in content distribution and the content developers need not pay any commission or listing fees to anyone anytime. 

The platform functions on an 80:20 business model where 80% of the revenue goes directly to the content creators (celebrities, influencers, models, and stars). The remaining 20% is retained by the OnlyFans app for providing customer support, complying with different copyright and intellectual property laws, maintenance services, and for the execution of peer-to-peer transactions. 

Some must-know statistics about the resounding success of an app like OnlyFans  

  • It earned a whopping $390 million in revenue and a humongous $74 million in pre-taxation profits from November 2019 to November 2020.
  • From just 20 million daily active users before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, OnlyFans has grown rapidly by 6 times to get 120 million daily subscribers.
  • More than 300 content creators on the OnlyFans subscription platform have easily earned more than $1 million by posting their photos and videos regularly. 
  • The users on the OnlyFans app spent a mind-boggling $2.4 billion to gain access to premium content.
  • Each member pays around $5-$50 per month to watch content on the OnlyFans platform.
  • OnlyFans is targeting pre-tax profits of $417 million in 2021.

Entrepreneurs aiming to become a giant in the promising business of digital media subscription by launching an app like OnlyFans in partnership with a reputed app development company to earn millions soon. 

The readily deployable and scalable OnlyFans clone app includes state-of-the-art Android and iOS apps for the users and content creators, an advanced web panel, and a modern admin dashboard. 

The key characteristics of an app like OnlyFans are

  • Suitable for different types of the target audience – The OnlyFans clone app is not reserved only for celebrities and models. It can also be efficiently utilized by gym trainers, journalists, music artists, podcasters, singers, and sportspersons to post their unique content. 
  • Numerous sources of revenue for the content creators – from monthly subscription plans, live streaming of videos, pay-per-view messaging, and extra tips from the die-hard fans.
  • A reward-oriented referral program – where the current users of an app like OnlyFans can refer new content developers to the subscription-based platform. They will earn a certain percentage of the referred person’s income. 
  • Compliance with different laws – The valuable content published by the content creators is safeguarded by following the different guidelines of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • A private messaging option – for direct conversations between the content subscribers and the popular content developers. 
  • Secure online payment processing – The interested users can watch premium content instantly by transferring the required payment through credit cards, debit cards, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. 
  • Access to an exclusive e-commerce store – Branded fashion accessories and other merchandise used by the models and stars can be bought by the members of the OnlyFans clone app. It is seamlessly integrated with the online shopping platforms of Shopify and Teespring. The entrepreneur can also add more e-commerce integrations according to the business requirements.
  • Insightful articles and blogs – The content creators can view the informative content in the form of well-structured articles, blogs, guidelines, and tips in the Featured Posts section of the OnlyFans clone app. It includes advice on live streaming of content, the right choice of equipment, online identity management, and social media engagement.
  • Provision of round-the-clock customer support – The subscribers can sort out all issues faced while utilizing an app like OnlyFans by reaching out to the help centre available 24×7 via email, live chat, and phone. 

The detailed methodology followed by a skilled app development company to create the OnlyFans clone app 

  • Recognizing the business plans and operational scope – of the client firm aiming to enter the digital entertainment industry by launching a content subscription platform.
  • Researching other online content subscription platforms – in the market, their user retention strategies, benefits offered to content creators, and mode of operations.
  • Developing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – of a content subscription app like OnlyFans. It contains all the important features for content creation, content distribution, customer support, and fund management. 
  • Integrating all the needed functionalities – in the front-end and back-end of the OnlyFans clone app.
  • Extensively testing – the full-fledged version of an app like OnlyFans. The content subscription platform will score high in loading speed and security.
  • Launching the high-end OnlyFans clone app – in the target market at the right time. The platform starts getting a huge number of registrations from prospective users.
  • Promoting the advantages – of a content subscription app like OnlyFans across online entertainment forums, social media platforms, and boosting conversion rates by publishing strategic advertisements.  

What is the total cost to incur for developing an app like OnlyFans?

The cost of establishing the OnlyFans clone app relies on multiple factors like the choice of tools and technologies for development, the complexity of the basic and advanced features, the timeframe for development, the total payment to the front-end and back-end developers, the level of cross-platform compatibility, and the extent of customization. Aspiring entrepreneurs can get in touch with their business requirements with a well-versed app development company to get an accurate estimate/quotation. 

Final Thoughts

Earlier, content creators were not getting a deserved share of their revenue and lacked recognition as the big technology companies were snatching away their rights. However, the entry of the OnlyFans more than 4 years ago changed the game as content creators can now command the value for their creative work (photos and videos) and get handsome compensation. 

This has completely transformed the revenue sharing model of the media and entertainment industry providing more benefits and powers for content creators in the absence of intermediaries.  

Entrepreneurs can keep a close eye on these favourable trends and get started with OnlyFans clone app development by teaming up with a well-known app development company. A content subscription app like OnlyFans will help them become the undisputed leader of the online entertainment industry in no time. 

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