How To Engage Your Employees More

employee engagement

Studies have shown that the percentage for people who are unhappy at work is significantly higher than those who are satisfied with their professional life and the organization that they work for. The studies indicated that the evidences for this unhappiness include feeling disengaged on the job which is alarming because it means businesses executive management is having difficulty stimulating their employees (or some don’t even care) to engage and be more productive. So executive management need to keep in mind about employee engagement.

If this is the situation that is happening to your employees, you need to intervene. You must engage and guide your employees to the right career path by providing those challenging roles and responsibilities for them to grow. When your employees prosper and thrive, your organization would too.

Develop your employees’ positive skills

When you hire your employees, it means that you see something in them the moment you met and interviewed them. Remind yourself of what you saw in them and develop this. During evaluation, stop being critical and focus instead on your employees’ strengths and what they are doing right. This strength might be adequate to outweigh their weakness or their strength might be enough to cover another employee’s failing.

employee engagement
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Once you determine your employees’ positive skills, you could focus on developing and utilizing these skills to not only help your company but increase employee engagement. Because chances are, these positive skills are really what your employee wanted to do but not necessarily hired to do so. When you gave them the chance to pursue what they really wanted to do, they would stay with you since you are the one who gave them their big break.

Embrace your employees’ uniqueness

When you ask your employees to perform a task, let them be. Sure, you could give them your suggestions but don’t expect them to do it like you will. You hired them for a reason since you know they are capable so encourage them to be their authentic selves.

When you encourage them to be themselves, they would not feel confined and limited and would thrive. When leaders encourage their employees to use and develop their own and natural skills by giving them opportunities to flourish, they are more likely to engage.

Share your success and protect them

As a leader the credit for success would usually come to you but in order to engage your employees more, you have to share the successes with them since you would not have these victories without them anyway. When you share these successes with them, they would feel important and genuine collaboration creates an environment of significance for all employees involved.

You also need to protect them and have their backs. Employees would disengage when they notice that their leaders are leaving them to fend for themselves if and when they committed a mistake.

To ensure employee engagement, you have to engage your employees yourself. You should not just expect them to be loyal to you and your organization without you doing anything to ensure their dedication.

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