How to increase traffic on hosting website

Every website owner wants his website should remain on the top of search engine. In simple words they want that their potential customers can find them easily on internet. Creating a website includes a lot of hard work on the other hand building the website is as important as creating a website. A perfectly built website attracts more amounts of visitors. You have to make continuous efforts to increase your website traffic because just like you other website Hosting owners are also struggling to get attention.

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, PR and Influencer Marketing are some of the best practices to increase your website traffic.

Here in this blog, we will know some of the best practices to increase traffic on a hosting website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization shortly known as SEO optimize or improves quality and quantity of website traffic from search engine organic result. People requiring a particular product or services searches it on a search engine most commonly Google. A website which results at the top of the Google search result is said to be the most perfectly optimized website which is working on perfect digital marketing strategy.

A perfect SEO strategy contains perfect keyword research, URL customization, tags, images, well written Meta description and Meta title headings and so on moreover, SEO can bring high amount of traffic that ultimately increase the value and popularity of a website.

Optimizing each and every web page can result in more and more continuous gain in visitor or the website. You should keep in mind to provide high quality content to your viewers and include the right type of keywords so that they can easily find you. Create back-lines or build links, social bookmarking etc.

This will drive traffic at high degree.

Build Links

Links plays an essential role in driving the traffic for the website. Use of internal links and back-links are really very important. Internal links helps your visitors to stay on the website for a long time as they don’t go to your rival website to search for related things.

A website having relevant internal links ranks well in the Google search engine result. For instance, if you own a web hosting firm you’re your content clear the doubt about shared hosting and cloud hosting mention an internal link saying “buy shared hosting” “cloud hosting benefits” and related links to similar topic.

Google uses Internal and External Links which helps in creating the value of page. A good amount of use of links helps in high amount of ranking in search engine.

So, always try to put internal links in your content or blogs.

On the other hand Back-links are also quite popular in driving the traffic for your website. They are simply the link to your website from another website.

This help in drive large amount of interested audience for your site. Google checks out for trust-able and reputable websites having right back-links.

Many new website struggles for months to get traffic for their new websites. Search Engine Optimization is a long process it takes time to get a website set on search engine result. This problem can be easily solved when you promote your website via Google ads.

It follows Pay per Click method which says you only pay when someone clicks on your website. You must have seen “ad.” before URL of the website on the top search result of Google. Because Google priorities your website than another similar websites.

You have a full control over your advertisements; here you get options for selecting your target group by adjusting demographic details and location. Keyword targeting also helps you to result high and you only pay after you get results.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the great connect between the people. Now a days SMM is gaining high popularity in promoting your business too. It has become an effective tool for attracting visitors to your business. You can share your business products, service and market the content of a website, do regular posting on the social media which looks interesting and attractive. These posts are re-shared by the loyal customers, it provides large amount of audience to you. Most importantly, Social Media is free to use you can easily share business related posts with no cost involvement.

Get high quality attracting graphic, use maximum, popular and most relevant has tags and share on every social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.

You can use Social Media ads can help you drive more audience which helps in scaling your business. Just like Google Search Engine Social Media also works on the PPC model it means you only pay for the traffic you get.

Quality Content

Your website content should provide right and easy to understand information embedded with right keywords to its viewers. Marketing your content is not a rocket science. You need to just provide a valuable and informational content which is interesting to read and follows market trends.

This helps you to promote your website and install new market trend keywords which your potential customers will be looking on your search engine. Therefore, this drives high traffic to your website.

For a hosting firm you can create a blog section in your website and write about technological hosting trends in order to get traffic.

A good content consist of right and popular keywords, Headlines, Examples, Short Sentences, Images and Videos, all these things improves readability in the minds of viewers.


In Conclusion, getting up your website in the search engine is a long process and require great effort. However, if you will create a planned strategy you can generate the right traffic for your website.   

Using back links, right keyword strategy and social media can benefit you to a great extent. There are also many paid options available in the market to promote your website traffic.

Use tools like Google Analytics to watchdog your site performance and work accordingly.

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