Labeling Platform: 6 Key Factors Everyone Should Know About

Labelling Platfrom
Labelling Platform

In today’s world of technological advancement and wonder, many brands want to opt for artificial intelligence (AI) or online solutions for most of their processes. This also includes their artwork design and labeling process. Creating the perfect label is a significant part of the packaging of any product. Labels often have to meet standards set by regulations, rules, laws, and customers and that is why many brands are preferring to adopt appropriate management systems to make their work easier and more convenient. Artwork management solutions offer many benefits and there are certain things one should keep in mind when choosing a labeling platform. 

These are the Key Factors to Consider in Choosing a Labeling Platform

Managing the Label

Many brands have products in the market that are sold over a large geographical area or countries. This means that the products and their labels have to go through and comply with the regulations of all of these locations. This global aspect could slow down or lag the process of labeling with multiple regulations and stakeholders in the picture.

This can create a gap that increases the complexities involved in management. This is why it is important to choose a label management system that is globally connected and one which reduces cost and increases efficiency in the packaging, artwork, and labeling process. 

Being Able to Track and Trace Label

Rules and regulations are always inclined to change and the same can be said for general consumer standards as well. This means that sometimes labels will have to go through changes even after production. The amount of label content that will change depends on the regulation itself. It is very time-consuming to track Labelling manually.

Hence, a labeling platform with tools that allow end-to-end tracing is very important. It must be able to track and trace all information – from the content carton. Such a tool would enable intelligence on real-time changes that happen globally and also implement them downstream and upstream of the labeling process. 

Implementation That is Commercially Useful

It is important for the labeling platform to have and maintain a link between product registration, artwork elements, and the supply chain. This is because the system needs to realize the changes in real-time and also implement them without any failure. Failure would only lead to high costs of production which would defeat the sole purpose of business. Changes are implemented in real-time with a global connection Commercial success can be achieved when. 

Compare the Benefits of ‘Build vs Buy’

There have been cases when brands have tried to build their own tools and develop their own software. This is a noble idea and would be totally under the company’s control and have complete security.

However, new software takes months to develop and even after development they have to be tested and can sometimes turn out to be unstable. There is also a continued cost of maintenance that needs to be spent.

On the other hand, there are many commercial tools that are already up and running and available in the market. They are enterprise-ready and are also stable. They also keep up with the latest changes in technology through third-party support. 

Consider the Size of Your Company

New companies and already established companies work very differently in the market. If you are a new brand then you should focus on leveraging the vendor’s platform and on crowdsourcing. This is because developing your own software would require you to hire a workforce which would increase your expenditure.

Even if you are a semi-established brand opting for an open-source tool is the best option. It provides agility that helps your labels to keep up with changes in regulation and standards. With commercial platforms, you can get tools that are heavily customized for you and don’t need too many developments to fit your brand. 

Maintain a Link between the Workforce and Your Platform

Many prefer to choose their workforce before choosing their tools while many prefer it the other way round but what is most important is that your workforce is able to connect with your tools.

The workforce of a company can make or break it. It is ideal to opt for a platform that has tools that are easy to operate and learn. It is important for your workforce to familiarize themselves with the tools as it is the best way to bring the highest results. 

Keeping these suggestions in mind, your brand can choose a labeling platform best suited for your own needs and requirements. 

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