How to Integrate Voice API Into Your Website & Application

integrate voice call api

In today’s ever-growing digital world, virtual communications are turning everyone’s favorite. And voice calling is one of the quickest ways to interact with your audience. Build an application or website with well-functioning voice features that can improve customer experience . And, voice APIs can make all of that possible. In this article, we shall discuss the ways to integrate voice APIs into your web or application. 

Popular voice call solutions and functions that you should integrate into your web or app 

In-app voice calling 

A robust programmable voice calling api enables you to ensure contextual communication with your customers. It helps in customizing your business interactions as per user context and data across web or mobile applications. 

Audio call recording 

This feature allows you to review your conversations for quality check and audit purposes. You can easily record your voice mails and communication details. 

Audio conferencing 

 Audio conferencing ensures quick one-on-one interactions with team members or customers. 

REST API feature 

Rest API provides for great flexibility and is considered as the standard protocol for web APIs.  It is easy to use and learn.

Unlimited audio calling 

Zero call limits make way for efficient communication with your audience. They lead to higher customer engagement and help establish quality relationships with your audience. 

Group conferencing 

Group audio call features allow you to collaborate with your team members in real-time. Easy collaborations lead to better team communication.

Push notifications 

The push notification feature keeps you updated on important conversations to your customers or team members. This way, there’s never a pause on your communication. 

Audio callkit 

Callkit can be leveraged to report incoming and outgoing calls, maintain a call directory to identify and block suspicious incoming calls. This feature saves you from spam activities over the internet. 

Audio conferencing scheduler 

It allows you to schedule your phone calls in an organized manner. You can send invites and add participants. 

Audio routing 

This feature enables you to control streaming of audio files in the background. It redirects audio to different devices and leads to quick and efficient communications. 

World-class voice API providers

There are a plethora of third party voice API service providers to cater to your voice call system requirements. Let’s take a close look at them one by one. 

CONTUS MirrorFly – Popular voice chat API & SDK

 #1 enterprise communication solution that can be leveraged by multiple industries and helps you integrate highly secured voice calling APIs and SDKs into any device, app, or platform. It has a powerful programmable voice API that enables you to connect various devices and enjoy unlimited audio calling.

MirrorFly is 100% customizable and audio encrypted. Experience multiple exciting features like one-to-one conversations, group calling, text to speech feature, speech recognition, voice callkit, multi user conferencing, audio conference scheduling, and a lot more. It utilizes Swift, Kotlin and Java as programming languages and follows streaming protocols for WebRTC, RTP and RTMP. It is compatible with cloud platforms in Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. For databases, it utilizes MYSQL and ORACLE.

Siri Voice Call API

Siri is an iOS-oriented API that allows users to communicate with devices by leveraging voice assistants. It supports VoIP calling and conducts all voice-related tasks and activities. You can perform voice searches to make calls and send messages. One of the most amazing features of this API is that it can allow to track your workout progress. Technological stack: it utilizes Swift and Objective-C  as its programming languages. One thing that should be noted about Siri API is that it only supports Apple devices. 

Jeannie Voice Call API

Jeanie is a REST API that enables you to perform voice-related search functions. This means that you can perform voice search to make calls and send messages. Some additional exciting features that you can experience with Jeannie API are VoIP dialing, device setting handling, and others.

Twilio Voice Calling API

Twilio enables you to build a scalable voice experience that comes with some excellent features like Interactive Voice Response, recording transcriptions, and others make way for smooth audio communications. You can get functions for call tracking, embedded calling, and global conferencing with Twilio. Twilio leverages Google Analytics, HTML5 and many more. For application and database, it uses Amazon EC2. 

Viber  – Efficient voice chat app

Viber is a REST API that has essential features like audio and video calling, stickers. You can call to any number in the world. It has a secured end-to-end encryption that promotes user privacy. It utilizes NodeJs, Python and REST tech-stacks. Viber is cross-platform supportive and you can integrate it into iOS, Android and Windows. 

Vonage Voice API

Vonage has several communication APIs as programmable audio calling, group calling. It has communication solutions for employees across different verticals. It has a programmable voice API and is WebRTC enabled. Vonage is highly secured and protects your privacy concerns. Get a free trial from Vonage to assess its functionalities. 

Enablex Audio Calling API

Enablex offers smart and scalable audio calling capabilities across different communication platforms. It allows you to build one-on-one VoIP calls and connect to PSTN networks globally and enables you to connect to any device. and supports voice broadcast, group voice call, call masking, call recording, and a lot more. It leverages CPaaS that allows developers to integrate voice features into their system without investing on back-end. 

Plivo Voice Calling API & SDK

Plivo helps you integrate voice calling into your applications quite efficiently. You can make, receive, and control calls across the world programmatically. It supports conference calls, voice alerts, voice surveys, voicemail, and many more. It leverages Google Analytics and jQuery to mention its tech stack. 

Sendbird Voice Communication API

Sendbird is a state-of-the-art communication API that gives way to high quality audio calls. It allows you to perform personal and group audio calls without lag, experience secure and compliant voice chat and communications, and many more. It promotes the idea of customizable services and has numerous purchase plans based on business requirements. Sendbird uses HTML5, Google Analytics, and jQuery. 

Why should you leverage voice API? 

There are numerous reasons for utilizing voice API for your website or application. First of all, it is one of the quickest ways of communicating with your audience. It allows you to monitor and track audio calls programmatically. Voice API makes your audio communications smoother via a multitude of efficient features, leading to higher customer satisfaction. More voice call APIs are end-to-end encrypted and provide you with secured conversations. 

Welcome Efficient communications with voice API Integration into your website or application

Quality communication is the first step to building a long-term relationship with any customer. Secure, reliable and well-functioning voice chat features can help you establish the best connection with your customers. Your audience is able to seamlessly interact with you, it leads to enhanced customer experience. More the customer satisfaction, more is the sales of your product or service. Voice APIs can accelerate this process of customer satisfaction. With their top-class audio features, they can help you ace your communication strategies. Leverage the power of voice APIs today. 

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