How to Launch a Salon and Spa Management Software Like Salon Iris?

Launch a Salon & Spa Management Software Like Salon Iris

Irrespective of gender, grooming has become a part of our lifestyle. Nowadays, both men and women pay equal attention to grooming themselves. People often visit parlours/salons and avail themselves of the needed grooming services. What if you can develop software that will help you manage the appointments of your customers? With the help of a salon and spa management app, you can provide your customers with the convenience of getting salon services at their preferred timings. Come, let us know everything about developing an app like Salon Iris.

What is Salon Iris?

Salon Iris is a popular spa and salon management software that helps you in managing appointments. Through this app, your customers can know the timings of your salon, the type of grooming services available, the price, and the expertise of beauticians employed in your salon. As much as the app is beneficial for your customers, it is also beneficial for your business as you can streamline the bookings and payments effortlessly.

The business model of salon services

Similar to the food delivery or grocery delivery business, there are two types of business models available in the online spa services business. Firstly, let us look at the aggregator model. With this business model, you can group different salon service providers on your app and map them with your customers. The second type of business model is applicable if you are owning a salon or parlour. So, this app will be exclusively for managing your salon business. Launch an app like Salon Iris by following the business model and right set of features.

Perks of developing the salon management software

For customers:

  • Customers can know the operational timings of your salon easily. 
  • Depending on their convenience, they can book their appointments.
  • They can view the ratings of different service professionals through the app.
  • Of all, they can make the payment simply via the app itself.

For your business:

  • Firstly, you can keep a check on the number of appointments booked.
  • You can verify the payments made by users and provide a refund easily if applicable.
  • You can list the number of salon services you provide.
  • You can list the experience and ratings of your beauty professionals.
  • Promoting your business will become easy as you can send offers and other benefits to users via the app itself.

Next, we shall head to the most essential features to be present in the salon/spa management software.

What are some of the not-to-leave features of the app?

The Customer App

  • Profile and registration

The user starts with registration and further proceeds with filling in all the profile details. The profile details is an enclosure of the customer’s name, address, and contact details. As an admin, you can view these details anytime.

  • Appointment booker

The customers can look through the types of services available at your salon, the timing details and book the appointment. 

  • Catalogue

The catalogue will contain the list of grooming services along with the cost details. Also, the catalogue will contain the stylists or service professionals.

  • Payments

Once the customer books the appointment, the cost will be displayed on the app so that they can make the payment. Having a variety of payment options will be an added advantage to your business.

  • History

Of course, the history feature will let customers know about the previous salon services, cost details along date and timings.

  • Push notifications

Your customers will receive various details in regard to the app through push notifications. It may be related to the payment, appointment or app’s promotional messages.

  • Reviews

Reviews will help users to know about your services. Let your customers leave their opinions after availing of your parlour services.

The Service Professional App

  • Profile

Every service professional listed on your app will have a separate profile that contains details like name, years of experience, email ID, mobile number, and certifications related to their expertise.

  • Availability

Each service professional can showcase their availability through the app. This availability feature will help the customers to book the service professional without any difficulties.

  • push notifications

Through push notifications, the service professionals will receive appointment reminders and other app-related messages.

  • Earnings

The service professionals will be able to know their earnings with respect to the number of services accomplished.

  • Remote consultation

Other than grooming services, professionals can answer the queries of the customers via the app itself. For this, the app has messaging and calling features.

The Admin Panel

  • Admin dashboard

You can carry out all the management activities through the admin dashboard effectively.

  • Chat

Whenever needed, you can talk to the customers or service professionals through the chat feature integrated with the app.

  • Promotions

Through the app, you can carry out marketing activities like sending offers, coupon codes, etc.,

How does the salon management app work?

Step 1: Customers and salon service professionals will register themselves on your salon management software.

Step 2: The customers will book the preferred salon service by mentioning the timing in which they want the service.

Step 3: The same request will be sent to the concerned parlour or the service professional.

Step 4: Once the professional confirms the request, the customer can make the payment. 

Step 5: On completion of the salon service, the customer can leave the reviews on the app.

Laying out the cost of developing a salon management app

  • The app development company you hire will be the prime cost determining factor.
  • The complexity of your app development project is again a cost determinant. Here, complexity in a sense, the number of features, UI theme, number of screens, etc., will determine whether the app development is simple, medium or complex.
  • The hourly rate provided to the development team will also come into calculation.
  • Finally, whether you prefer the app to be deployed on iOS or Android will decide your app’s cost.

Final thoughts

Hey, I affirm that this blog on salon management software development will inspire you to launch an on-demand salon and spa app. The on-demand salon services is a sprouting business, and you have higher chances of reaping success in this business. Reach out to an app developer and kick-start the development of your salon management app.

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