How to Prevent Hair Fall in Summers?

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The Sun is bright, and summer sets in with a plethora of hair and skin woes. The ultraviolet rays of the Sun are harmful and can have a damaging impact on the hair. Hair loss and rough texture of the scalp are common issues faced by many during the summer months. But do not worry because having healthy tresses during the summer months is easily possible. 

Myriad reasons account for hair woes. The use of chemicals on hair also adversely affects the health of our tresses. Moreover, stress and sweat during summers also take a toll on the hair and make it dry and frizzy. All such issues coupled with clogged pores on the scalp result in hair breakage causing uncontrolled hair fall. The occurrence of tiny heat bumps and dandruff are other problems that people witness during the hot summer months. Haircare is not only synonymous with celebrities. It is one of the essential beauty regimes that is followed by both sexes. Even men face hair problems during Summers. They can also follow simple yet effective tips to promote haircare.

A few hair care tips can help you help hair loss treatment and maintain the health of your hair during the hot and challenging summer days.

  • Oil Your Hair

Yes, it is one of the oldest traditions yet still very effective and prevalent. Massage your hair with coconut hair oil and enjoy the results. However, other oils like a warm olive oil massage can work wonders too. For the best results, keep the oil overnight and shampoo the following day. It gives hydration and nourishment to the scalp of hair. Almond, Grapeseed, and Jojoba oils also give good results and keep the scalp hydrated where hair growth becomes easy.

  • Air-Drying and Styling

If you want to get rid of hair fall during summers, you will either have to stop or limit the use of hair styling products like a dryer, hair straighteners, etc. These are hot tools that harm hair condition and growth. Such products make the shaft of hair week and cause hair fall. Try to dry your hair naturally. This will allow the hair follicles to breathe and strengthen the roots.

  • Protein Hair Masks

If you want to nourish your hair, opt for the protein hair masks loaded with natural ingredients to nourish your hair’s scalp. Otherwise, head towards your kitchen to find a comprehensive stock of components that can help make a great hair mask. Home remedies like yogurt, honey, eggs, and mayonnaise act brilliantly on the hair. These are homemade masks that give shine and bounce to dull and curly hair. 

  • Maintain Cleanliness of Hair and Scalp

It is essential to keep hair clean during Summers. The dirt and sweat that gets trapped in the scalp of the hair weakens the root and leads to hair fall. Hence, it is essential to keep the hair clean. Regular shampooing of hair is a good idea to keep it clean. Try to buy a sulphate-free shampoo that can act light on the hair and keep it clean too. Buy shampoos that do not flaunt the use of harsh chemicals. Go for herbal products as these can easily keep the greasiness and dirt away from hair and scalp.

  • Take care of Diet

Diet plays a vital role in the upkeep of hair. Eat a balanced diet containing the right amount of nutrients that can positively impact your hair and skin. Include protein in your diet as it strengthens your hair. Moreover, drinking 8 glasses of water is essential for hair growth and maintenance. Including ingredients like milk, flax seeds, almonds, walnuts, soya bean, chickpeas, and tomatoes keep the hair in good shape. Non-vegetarian can include eggs, fish, and meat in their diet. 

  • Haircut

Cutting your hair regularly promotes hair growth. It is essential because a haircut helps to eliminate split ends that result in rough hair. Hence, regular trimming of hair promotes the growth and health of hair. It won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the best remedies for hair loss treatment in Sharjah

  • Summer Hats

If it is essential to move out of the house during a bright sunny day, wear a summer hat. It looks fantastic and helps to cover the head and prevent the hair from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. If you do not wish to wear a summer hat, then carry an umbrella. Umbrellas also help to prevent your hair and skin from the harsh summer rays. 

Take-away. The tips are easy to follow. Also, it is not very difficult to practice such habits during summers to promote hair growth. Undoubtedly, hair woes are troublesome, but valuable tips can quickly help you sail through the hot summer days. The changing texture of your hair will further motivate you to adopt these hair care tips in your lifestyle.

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