How to Spot a Fake Sports Card

fake sports card

Sports enthusiasts who truly love the game may want to begin collecting pieces of sports history by investing in their own sports card collection. The problem? If you don’t know what to look out for when you’re shopping for sports cards, it can be quite easy for you to overlook signs of a scam and end up buying a card that’s not legitimate.

Fortunately, you can avoid fake sports cards and ensure you’re getting the real deal. If you’re looking into buying sports cards, here are a few tips on how to spot a fake sports card.

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday or Valentine’s Day gift for your husband while you’re out and about or you’re looking for some fun toys for your child, knowing what to spot when you shop in person can help you avoid a potential scam. Some people may not know that they have a fake. While others will count on your inexperience to make a profit. If you’re shopping around your area, look for signs of fake cards like: 

  • A collector with no understanding of their own cards or those who are trying to pass off cards that look extremely aged. 
  • Cards with blurry artwork and irregular printing patterns that don’t match up with more modern card prints. Fake cards will often have other regularities that are apparent with an inspection. 
  • Vintage cards pre-1940s that glow under the blacklight. True vintage won’t glow. 
  • Cards that are graded or feature other authentic signs that are designed to inspire confidence. Even if everything looks official, you should always do your research!

If You’re Shopping Online, Only Buy From Legitimate Sources

If you’re buying a prize for a Super Bowl bet. And you decide to jump online instead, only buy cards from legitimate sources. If you have to buy from online vendors like eBay, make sure you do comprehensive research to see what others have to say. And what their ratings are. 

Be wary of sellers with reviews that all sound the same or those who are too new to thoroughly vet. This applies to companies as well. If a company is too new, if they have reviews that sound robotic or are posted across multiple platforms. Or if you can’t find any more information on them anywhere online, chances are that it’s a scam. 

It’s best to get all sports card boxes & supplies from a trusted vendor in the industry who has a track record for delivering high-quality products at affordable prices. When you shop with a company that’s known specifically for sports cards and has glowing customer reviews, you can guarantee that what you buy online is what’s going to get shipped to your doorstep. 

Shopping for sports memorabilia, like sports cards, can be a great way to elevate the fan experience. However, you should never just buy a card trusting that it is what the seller says it is. Instead, use the tips above to double-check authenticity and guarantee you’re getting the real deal!

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