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The opening of safes is a high precision work that must be carried out, only by certified and specialized technicians in this matter, who have the necessary tools to carry out impeccable and quality work.

It should be borne in mind that opening a safe has nothing to do with opening a regular door. There are several reasons why a safe does not open properly, and it could be that the key or combination has failed or that the mechanism of the safe itself no longer works. Whatever the reason, if you need a safe opening, call Brent Cross Locksmiths for a guaranteed reliable service.

Types of safes

There are many types of safes, being a product more used than we think. Depending on the use we want to give to the safes, we will choose one or another. As Locksmiths NW4, we are trained and specialized in the opening of safes with different systems.

Opening of High-Security Safes

This type of safes must be certified, and there are different degrees of security. They are usually used for jewellery companies, lottery administrations, gambling halls, and all types of companies with high-value goods that need maximum protection against theft, fire or explosion.

Opening of Fireproof Safes

High protection against fire, highly recommended for storing documents and all types of high-security computer equipment.

Opening of Surface Safes

These safes are very easy to install, have different systems and security levels and with electronic or mechanical locking technology. There is a wide range of models, prices and functionalities of this type of safes on the market.

Opening of Wall Safes

As they are built into the wall, they increase their security and persuasiveness against burglary, as they go unnoticed.

When should the opening of a safe be done?

Locksmith Brent Cross opens your safe in record time and with a guarantee of work; whenever you have lost the keys, the lock of your safe is damaged, the safe has been forced or any other reason why your safe does not open.

If the moment arrives that you do not believe that you are safe anymore, consult local Locksmiths NW4. We will be able to advise you which is the most suitable type that adapts to your needs, as well as, and very important, where to buy a safe that gives you the security that you need.

We have many years of experience in the safe opening service, which is why many customers trust us and recommend us both in Emergency Locksmiths NW4.

  • Characteristics of our safe cracking service
  • Manual and Digital
  • Surface and built-in safes
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Special Tools
  • Repair and Opening
  • Immediate attention
  • Urgent Assistance, 24 hours

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