Ride-hailing App Development Ideas for Entrepreneurs to Startup in 2021

Taxi app ideas

Right from the time vehicles were invented to solve transportation problems faced by the people, we have seen significant progress in the production of different types of automobiles. With rapid economic development and growth, many cities and towns have sprung up fast in different nations. Customers of all age groups may not have their own vehicle or may prefer not to utilize public modes of transport like bus and trains due to safety concerns. 

This is where an on-demand taxi app solution steps in by providing comfortable cabs 24×7 at the convenience of passengers. Licensed and trained drivers ensure a safe travel experience for the users through timely pick-up and drop-off across various locations. The world has seen the resounding success of different taxi-booking apps like Uber, Ola, Grab, Didi Chuxing, Kareem, Curb, and Lyft. 

Some of the latest news related to the phenomenon of on-demand taxi app solutions is 

  • Gett, a British on-demand ground transportation software company has joined hands with Curb, a well-known taxi booking app in the USA for offering licensed taxi services in 65 new cities for the employees of corporate companies. 
  • Lazada, a popular Southeast Asian e-commerce platform has partnered with ComfortDelGro, a land transportation company to allow customers to book affordable cabs directly via its online app. 
  • Drivers of Ola and Uber ride-hailing apps in Karnataka will benefit as the minimum fares will be raised soon after an order was passed by the State government. 
  • New taxi meters made by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) will be installed on all cabs in Goa from May 1 this year onwards. This will ensure transparent pricing and prevent incidents of overcharging. 

Analyzing some Insightful statistics about on-demand taxi apps 

  • The Asia-Pacific market will grow the fastest (8.95% every year) until 2026. 
  • The on-demand taxi app market will reach a humongous value of $327.54 billion by 2026.
  • Ride-hailing apps will generate more revenue for entrepreneurs than ride-sharing apps. 
  • Taxi apps are expected to get a mind-boggling 100 million bookings every day by 2030. 
  • China and India will continue to remain the biggest markets for on-demand taxi app solutions due to their vast population. 

What are the various business models entrepreneurs can consider before launching their own Taxi app?

These are the various business models and ideas for entrepreneurs to startup a business related to domestic transportation. In order to create app for these type of businesses, it is best to make use of a Uber clone app.

  • Carpooling app – Due to overpopulation and more households purchasing vehicles, it has led to severe traffic congestion in cities across the world. Carpooling apps are a viable solution as three-four people can travel in one cab at a time resulting in huge fuel and time savings. The environment also gets benefited due to lesser carbon emissions. There are many famous carpooling apps like BlaBlaCar, Ola Share, and Uber Commute based on the ride-sharing aggregator mechanism. 
  • Online car rental app – These apps are useful for those passengers looking for long-distance travel especially to their hometowns and outstation destinations. Some of the popular players in car rental services are Getaround, KAYAK, Turo, Virtuo, Zoomcar, and Zipcar are present in the market. They charge customers on a daily, hourly, and monthly basis. As per reports prepared by experts, one shared car can remove 11 independent cars from the roads. Entrepreneurs can get consistent income by collecting rent from a fleet of cars.
  • On-demand Limousine app – A Limousine refers to an expensive car that comes at a premium rate for the customers. It ensures royal seating and exquisitely designed interiors. Luxury cars like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz, driven by specialist drivers are available round-the-clock for the passengers. Some of the highly-used on-demand Limousine apps are Carmel Car and Limo, Elite Limousine, Limo.com, and My Limo. 
  • Healthcare Taxi service – With the world currently gripped by the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs can win over the market by coming out with a top-notch Healthcare Taxi service. It can be offered exclusively for usage by clinics, doctors, patients, and hospitals. A Healthcare Taxi booking app can ensure the timely dispatch of equipment, medicines and vaccines. The entrepreneurs can convert their cabs into fully-equipped ambulances and hearse vans. UberMedic is one of the prominent examples offering discounted rides for healthcare professionals. 
  • On-demand Chauffeur booking service – Chauffeurs are highly certified drivers employed for driving both passenger vehicles and luxury cars. It can be utilized by the users to travel to public places like airports, bus stops, railway stations, and theme parks. Some of the sought-after Chauffeur booking apps are Blacklane, Savaari, DriveU, Hopp, and Wheely. Entrepreneurs can enter the leisure travel industry by establishing an on-demand Chauffeur booking service for millions of passengers. 
  • A transportation app for corporate companies – Entrepreneurs can offer affordable and exclusive ride services for office-goers. They can create shuttle transport apps covering a lot of pick-up and drop-off points along strategic routes. Some of the important employee transportation apps in the market are Chalo, CityFlo, Easy Commute, and Shuttl. Working professionals will get real-time alerts about office routes, timings, pick-up and drop-off points, and information about arrivals and departures instantly. 

The important innovations that entrepreneurs can introduce in their On-demand taxi app solutions in the future are 

  • Robotaxis – It is a fully automated cab without the presence of any drivers to assist in navigation. Recently, Didi Chuxing and Volvo have collaborated to launch robotaxis. The global robotaxi market is set to cross $11.10 billion by 2027 with a massive 61.2% annual growth rate. Hence, entrepreneurs need to take full advantage of the skyrocketing demand for autonomous vehicles. 
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – AI can share real-time data about routes and traffic situations with the drivers. This ensures greater satisfaction for the travellers as cabs will always be on time without any delays. Artificial Intelligence utilizes advanced reasoning algorithms for accurately predicting the demand for cabs, ensuring automatic dispatch of taxis, and also for quick onboarding of new drivers into the taxi app. 
  • Introduce e-taxis – With rising diesel and petrol prices, coming out with e-vehicles will be a great solution for entrepreneurs. Governments across the world are providing incentives like subsidies for production, tax holidays, and registration waiver for battery-operated vehicles. It also has an environmental angle to it as it helps in reducing air pollution significantly. 

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, the concept of mobility is changing every day influencing the future of transport. Ridesharing and Multi-modal modes of transport will be the order of the world in the years to come. Entrepreneurs can stay ahead of the intense competition in the on-demand transportation industry by creating an on-demand taxi app solution. It is very flexible and highly scalable and all the business goals can be achieved in a hassle-free manner. 

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