Should You Invest in Winter Tyres?

The climatic conditions of a place can have a major impact on the tyres. Tyre manufacturers very well understand this and that’s why they create tyres that can cater to all kinds of seasons. Tyres get to bear a lot on the roads. That’s why it becomes imperative for you to have the right kind of tyres in the right season. The condition on the roads changes with the changes in season and that’s why the performance of the tyres change on such roads. Roads in winters are clad with snow, they become quite slippery. The sleet and the slush on the roads lead to aquaplaning

To counter these issues, you need special winter tyres. However, many people feel that they can do without winter tyres Lutterworth and continue with their summer tyres. It’s a fact that tyres are pretty expensive things. Keeping two sets of tyres involves costs and space too. Naturally, many people feel that their summer tyres can solve the problem in the winter season. This blog is going to throw light on the fact that you need winter tyres and the modus operandi of these tyres. Let’s read on.

When Do You Need Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres work the best when the temperature goes below 7°C. This is the time your summer tyres will fail on the roads, as their rubber compound will become harder than before and they won’t give that grip on the roads. Due to the snow on the roads, they become quite slippery. Traction on the roads is very important. Using winter tyres in the winter season will help you avoid accidents.

How Do Winter Tyres Work?

We need to understand the make and design of the winter tyres to know why they are so important. 

  • Let’s understand what the winter tyres are made of. The compound of winter tyres is quite soft in comparison to the summer tyres. It’s this pliability of the compound that the tyres remain firm on the snowy roads of the winters. Such a compound doesn’t freeze even in sub-zero temperatures. They have more natural rubber in them.
  • The tread of the winter tyres has numerous slits on them. These are called sipes. These sipes dig deep into the snow and don’t let the vehicle sway on the roads. With the help of these sipes, the risk of accidents becomes almost negligible. 
  • The tread bars have an interlocking pattern that prevents the risk of hydroplaning. 

Who Should Use Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres are mandatory in many parts of Europe. If drivers are found driving their vehicles without these tyres, then they are levied with a heavy fine. Hence, the location of your place is very crucial. Most importantly, if you’re in a place that experiences heavy snowfall most of the year, then you certainly need winter tyres there. If you still plan to use summer tyres in such situations, you are playing with your life here. That’s because summer tyres won’t give you that grip and they can even glide on the roads.

Some Other Benefits of Winter Tyres

Winter tyres let you handle your vehicle better and as the temperature plummets, you get shorter braking distances with these tyres fixed to your vehicle. They specifically help in places like hilly areas. Even if you need to drive up and down daily, they provide they cling to the ground well.

Do Winter Tyres Have Some Cons Too?

Yes, they do have. To begin with, they are quite expensive. Due to the material used in their construction, they prove to be a costly affair. As the temperature rises, these Car Tyres Leicester become redundant for you. That means you need to swap them with summer tyres. Barring these, winter tyres have no other downsides of using them.

So, the next time you have to use winter tyres, don’t hesitate.

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