Streetwear Brands You Should Buy In 2021

Streetwear clothing is one of the best styles that you can wear when it comes to fashion. It is slowly becoming more and more popular as the years go by as well. With luxury brands jumping on the trend and collaborating with other streetwear brands. Tracksuits seem to be popular when it comes to streetwear in the United Kingdom. 

It is very easy these days to keep up with the fashion industry. Social media is powerful when it comes to keeping up with the rest of the world and its fashion trends. Celebrities will often promote clothing brands by wearing them and uploading pictures onto Instagram and Facebook. Here are some of the best brands out there that continue to dominate streetwear. 


If you enjoy wearing streetwear clothing, then you will know about supreme. Supreme is one of the original makers of streetwear. They are a brand that collaborates with many other brands as well as creating their style. It is one of the most popular brands when it comes to streetwear. 

Supreme originally started as a skate label. The founder was a man called James Jebbia and it soon became popular throughout the United States before crossing the seas. It is highly rated by celebrities such as Kanye West, Travis Scott, Mike Tyson and many more. 

When Supreme releases clothing, they will sell their items in a flash sale. This is Supreme limiting the number of clothes so it causes people to rush and buy them. This also allows Supreme to raise the prices of their clothing due to it being limited edition. Supreme will always be one of the most popular brands within the streetwear community. 


You can’t have a streetwear list without mentioning the Godfather of streetwear. Shawn Stussy started his streetwear brand back in the 1980s. Originally, Shawn’s brand was him writing his name onto surfboards. That then started making the surfboards popular so he decided to start producing clothes afterwards.

Shawn Stussy’s brand soon took over America in the late 1980s/ 1990. However, Stussy clothing is priced a lot cheaper than Supreme. Nonetheless, the quality of the clothing is still one of the best out there. Shawn Stussy is not involved with the brand anymore. However, he built the foundations for streetwear as what we know it as today. 

Off White

Off White is another great brand in the streetwear world. However, be prepared to spend a lot of money on their clothing as they are extremely premium. Their clothing is roughly the same as Supreme’s and so is the quality. 

Off-white has been around for nearly 10 years now. However, it was originally known as PYREX VISION until they came under criticism and were accused of printing their name on Ralph Lauren polo shirts. Nike, Levi, IKEA and Evian are just a few brands that have collaborated with Off White. 


Palace launched in 2009 and soon became the most popular streetwear brand in the United Kingdom. It is your classic sportswear/ streetwear company that combines the two looks. This is something that is a very popular look. 


Neighborhood streetwear is a brand that has been popular for several years. Shinsuke Takizawa, a motorcyclist enthusiast, started back in 1994 and became popular in the eastern part of the world. Now, it is becoming popular in the United Kingdom as well due to international students. 

They have been a popular brand for many years now meaning a lot of high-end brands have collaborated with them. Some of the brands that they have collaborated with are Converse and Dr Mertens. 


Vetements, a streetwear brand that is aimed at females more than males. Streetwear is normally heavily male-dominated which is why this brand is so popular because it goes in a different direction. Reaching out to an audience that other brands haven’t targeted. Their style is nothing too spectacular compared to other streetwear. 

Photo by Lucas Monteiro from Pexels

Carhartt WIP 

Carhart didn’t originally start in streetwear fashion. It was a brand that designed clothing for construction workers. However, like most streetwear brands, it got adopted by the streetwear community and is a popular style in the UK. They didn’t start making the style of clothing that they make today until 1994. Now, it is one of the oldest streetwear brands out there and is still highly popular. Neighborhood and BAPE are just two brands that have collaborated with Carhartt WIP. These are just two brands that are well recognised by the streetwear community. 

The North Face

The North Face is a brand that was made for hikers and it was originally founded in San Francisco back in 1968. It is a combination of casual wear and streetwear. The North Face is one of the best mountaineering brands out there. They are highly respected within the fashion industry. They have collaborated with luxury brand Gucci as well as another brand that is on this list, Supreme. Their clothing is at a much cheaper price compared to some of the other brands on here. 

To Conclude

Streetwear is one of the best fashion trends that we see to date. Many major retailers are deciding to sell these styles of clothing. Arguably, you could say that it isn’t a trend due to it being around for so long. 
The best part about streetwear clothing is the fact it comes at different prices. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular today. There are many other brands out there such as Adidas and Nike who master the style of mens tracksuits and trainers.

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