Take your home services business sky-high by getting hold of the on-demand Housejoy clone app

One of the biggest headaches for homeowners after they purchase an independent house or an apartment is to maintain it in good condition. This will ensure that its value keeps appreciating over a period. However, they cannot keep their houses sparkling by themselves. They require the services of dedicated professionals and technicians. 

Housejoy does exactly that by offering various services like beauty care, cleaning,  home construction, interior designing, pest control, plumbing, renovation, repair and maintenance of appliances, salon, and virus fumigation. 

With the help of 65,000 trained service providers, Housejoy has fulfilled the requirements of more than 2 million customers successfully in 13 cities in India. The online home services platform is financially backed by Amazon after receiving a whopping $22.5 million investment (Rs 150 crores) in December 2015.

Entrepreneurs who want to get into a strong position in the fast-growing home services industry can create a customized on-demand Housejoy clone app by teaming up with a reputed app development company. User-friendly Android and iOS apps for homeowners, service providers, an advanced web panel, and a modern admin dashboard will be created quickly. 

Why is the on-demand Housejoy clone app the perfect solution for keeping customers happy and homes repair-free?

Carpentry – Certified carpenters get involved in the carving of wood for beds, chairs, doors, and locks. They also check all the furniture items in the entire home.

Electrical work – Experienced electricians repair and replace dysfunctional boards, bulbs, fans, inverters, panels, switches, and tubelights. 

Home Cleaning – includes polishing, scrubbing, shampooing, and sweeping of bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and all types of furniture.

Painting – The best paint brands are utilized for coating and repainting both interior and exterior areas of homes.  The homeowners can select any of the four packages, Standard, Premium, Super Premium, and Luxury.

Plumbing – Licensed and well-versed plumbers fix issues like clogging and leakages quickly. They keep pipes, taps, tanks, washing basins, and washing sinks in perfect condition.

Repairing of different appliances – like chimney, dishwasher, fridge, geyser, microwave oven, TV, washing machine, and water purifier.

Salon – comprises facial, hair care, manicure, pedicure, skincare, spa, threading, waxing. The customers can easily choose between the All Organic package,  Economy package, Monthly Essential package, Sparkle and Shine package. 

Virus fumigation – to remove the presence of ants, bugs, cockroaches, and germs from both homes and offices through aerial disinfection. 

What are the different ways by which homeowners benefit by using the on-demand Housejoy clone app?

The customers get a plethora of advantages by utilizing the on-demand Housejoy clone app. They receive cashback, discounts, free Cure.fit passes, insurance against any kind of property damage, assistance from certified and verified service providers always, a reworking option for free if the homeowners are not satisfied with the quality of the services, and the availability of round-the-clock technical support. 

How does an on-demand home services app like Housejoy function?

  • The customers who require various home services – have to register on the on-demand Housejoy clone app. They submit the required information like their email address, location, and phone number. 
  • The interested service providers create their profiles – on the on-demand home services app like Housejoy. They share details of their qualifications, skill-set, and work experience.
  • The admin approves the accounts – of the homeowners after checking their data. They also verify the background of the different service providers before onboarding them.
  • The users can book their required home services – and fix a certain date and time for the service providers to visit their household.
  • The admin immediately alerts – the concerned service professionals who will accept the specific home service request of the customers.
  • The service providers utilize the route optimization mechanism – to reach the location of the homeowners quickly.
  • They render the needed home services – and fix all the issues faced by the customers promptly.
  • The users can make payment – in cash or transfer the required amount through credit cards, debit cards, the integrated Housejoy digital wallet, and net banking beforehand.
  • The customers rate the quality of services on a scale of 1-5 in the integrated review system. They can also publish opinions and feedback about the professionalism of the home service providers on the on-demand Housejoy clone app.

What is the development process followed for creating an outstanding on-demand Housejoy clone app?

  • Acknowledging the business needs and operational scope of the client firm looking to dominate the home services market.
  • Researching other online home services apps in the market, their user-oriented business tactics, and way of functioning.
  • Complying with the government guidelines and regulations issued by various authorities for providing various at-home services.
  • Developing the prototype of the on-demand Housejoy like home services app. It contains all the critical features for accepting service requests, sharing notifications, payment management, and customer support. 
  • Adding the other set of functionalities in both the front-end and backend of the on-demand Housejoy clone app.
  • The QA testers review the performance, speed, and security of the on-demand home services app like Housejoy. All bugs are removed from the online platform and it is made fully glitch-free.
  • Launching the full-fledged on-demand Housejoy clone app in the market at an appropriate time.
  • Promoting the advantages of the Housejoy like on-demand home services app on numerous online forums and social media networks. 

How the Housejoy like on-demand home services app is a money-spinner for entrepreneurs?

The entrepreneurs earn various streams of revenue from the on-demand home services app like Housejoy. It includes monthly/yearly subscription plans from homeowners, a listing fee from service providers for showcasing their expertise and skills, a commission from the service professionals for every booking made, transaction execution charges for payments made by users via the Housejoy e-wallet, booking cancellation fees from customers, and publishing targeted advertisements.

How do home service providers gain by becoming a partner of the on-demand clone app like Housejoy?

They get greater exposure to a bigger target audience, flexible working hours, access to high-quality equipment, tools, and safety kits, access to periodic earnings reports, conveyance allowance, on-time payment of bonuses, commission, and tips for their work, and can also view detailed guides and reports on code of conduct and way of offering different services. 

Concluding Viewpoint

Entrepreneurs can witness more than double-digit growth in the global home services market in the future. The demand for professional service providers will soar due to better Internet connectivity, increased smartphone usage by customers, and the availability of lucrative coupons and deals. 

Hence, entrepreneurs should not miss this profitable business by curating an on-demand home services app like Housejoy with the help of a competent app development company. 

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