Technical SEO Strategy: 5 Important Tips to Implement in 2022

You definitely want to get good results from your site, right? To achieve a good ranking organically in Google search results, only digital marketing techniques together can help you achieve that. Search engine optimization is a set of techniques that collectively work together to promote websites on search engine pages and manipulate websites to make appropriate changes for better performance. 

But, what exactly is the SEO technique, how does it work, and how should it be applied? 

These are very common questions, so don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you in this article. Read on for more details!

What is SEO?

SEO is the set of techniques to improve the ranking of your content on search engines like Google. These SEO techniques can influence the algorithms used in the search engine. Which defines the page’s position according to the keyword that was placed at the time the search was done.

Search engine optimization is a practice created to reach users by delivering the appropriate response, the format they want and consider ideal. That’s why it is a widely used technique in Inbound marketing strategy. 

Technical SEO strategies to implement in 2022 

Friendly URLs

We already mentioned it above, but as it is part of the checklist and we want nothing to go wrong, let’s explain it better here. 

Never use URLs with strange endings – letters, numbers and symbols – as they do not convey credibility to the link and often when shared, people are suspicious and do not click. The keyword must compose the URL, and also remember that the ideal is to use a maximum of five words.

Pay attention to Canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content on the site. Google understands that if and display the same content, it is a matter of duplicity.

That’s why it’s essential that the main URL redirects to the other one, in addition to declaring in the code what this URL is.

If the URL also has parameters and does not modify the page’s content. It is essential to ensure that it does not qualify as duplicate content.

Title of the page

Each page on your site must have a unique title, which provides a brief description of the content that will be viewed in advance. After all, each page must deal with specific content, right? 

Use the keyword in the title and position it as far to the left as possible; the more at the beginning of the title, the better. The characters and word limit should also be taken into account. Choose to use around 50 characters in the title to get good results. 

Be very careful not to let the titles be duplicated or empty, and make sure the section keyword is present in the title. Also, count on headings tags – H1 … H6 to hierarchize the subtitles or highlighted contents of the sections.

To monitor this for you, you can use some available tools such as Google Search Console

Error 404

This error appears when the user tries to access a page where the URL has changed or no longer exists on your site. To be informed, it is vital that a page with code 404 is returned. Which indicates that you’re connected, but the server could not find the content in question. 

This is a very common error in SEO, and it must be solved with the help of technical SEO Perth strategies. If you need to change the permalink, it is essential to have a redirect link to the other page, preventing the user from leaving your site. 


The sitemap is a way to communicate to search engines with the pages on your website, and it is a way to help search pages index more accurately. For that, some plugins do this function. However, if the system you use does not generate this automatically, we can create this with the XML Sitemaps site. 

Server and performance

If you’re practicing technical SEO to optimize website performance, it is crucial to pay attention to server and performance. Your website’s hosting server should be stable, and the fluctuation of servers can affect the performance of your website too. 

There are two types of hosting servers: shared and dedicated. The first one, you will share the server with other websites, which can make it more unstable. The dedicated one is exclusively for your page; despite having a higher cost, it is worth it to ensure a good user experience and increase traffic in the medium/long term.

One of Google’s criteria for better placement of sites is their loading time. That’s because Google wants to deliver to its users the best source of content for their search, and as quickly as possible.

So be aware of the weight of content published on your site; the longer it takes to load, the worse. Mainly optimize your published images by acceptably reducing their quality and dimensions to the exact format you need.

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