Top 5 Expert Tips for DIY Interior Wall Painting

Taking up a DIY wall painting task can be little challenging for beginners as there are various aspects which need to be planned and focused well. From preparing a smooth surface to using the right set of painting tools, every single aspect keeps immense importance while painting. It’s just not as simple as people may conceive; painting requires thorough diligence along with pre-planned execution. To achieve desired results in painting, you really need to manage cracks and holes, clean all the dust and dirt before you get started with a roller.

Moreover, there are several other aspects like choosing the best color combination, sampling, taping the edges & corners and execution. All these aspects should be crystal clear in your mind before you start your wall painting job. This post will offer some expedient insights into painting which are suggested by our expert and professional painters and will allow you to gain maximum result out of your wall painting task.

To Avoid Lap Marks

Lap mark is a most common scenario for DIYers which ruins the quality of finish and gloss. These ugly stripes are caused due to uneven execution or overlapping the already dried area. Especially in warm and dry conditions, the paint gets dried up in less than a minute and you fail to observe painted portion. To avoid such issues, you need to maintain a wet edge by starting near the corners and running the roller to the full height of the wall moving over slightly with each stroke.

Of course you can move backward to even-out thick spots and make sure that your roller doesn’t get dried up completely. Reload it often and assure that it is at least half loaded in each stroke. Doing so will ensure proper and even painting throughout the surface and it will look like a perfectly painted wall by an expert painter.

Maintaining Consistent Color throughout the Rooms

Paint colors may vary slightly from one can to other, so if you have finished a can of paint in the middle of a wall and need to open a new paint can, the difference might be noticeable. The solution to this problem is Boxing. No, you don’t need to get boxing gloves for that, boxing is a process of mixing all the paint together in a large 5-gallon bucket so that you receive consistent finish and gloss in all the rooms that you need to paint. For this, you will have to get a fair estimate of the total paint required for your wall painting task.

If it is difficult to estimate the coverage, you can put more paint rather than less paint when doing it for the first time. The leftover paint can be poured back into the cans. Using a roller screen will allow much precision in the task where you have to dip the paint roller in the paint bucket and then roll it along with the screen until it stops dripping.

Color Sampling

Whatever color combination you have chosen for your walls, sampling the color will keep you away from any further disappointment. It may happen that you have noticed a certain color through a paint swatch or a color wheel and when you order it and start painting, it may have slightly different reflection and gloss. To avoid this situation, try sampling that color on a small portion of surface, let it dry completely and then depending on the reflection and luster, place an order for the entire paint requirement. This will save you from any disappointment regarding sheen, gloss, and reflection on walls.

For proper assembly of doors and windows use PU Foam spray. It reacts rapidly with the moisture in the air and expands after application. You can try different colors for various spaces in your home but make sure that the type of paint remains the same irrespective of the color combination that you have chosen for your painting task.

Buy Quality-proven Paint Tools

People often ignore this crucial aspect while painting and end-up in great disappointment with uneven painting on walls. Remember, using good quality painting tools is the essence of painting until and unless you are such a professional painter who can blindly deliver any weirdest painting task with perfection. Good quality paint tools will allow maximum convenience and flexibility to your DIY painting task and will enhance your painting skills too.

Cover Furniture & Decors

To keep your painting task clean and well-managed, you need to use polythene sheets to cover all major furniture and expensive decors. This will not protect your expensive furniture from getting spoiled by paint spills but will reduce your effort to clean them after finishing with tedious painting task.

Keep these points in mind while painting your interior walls will give you much control on your painting and will also enable you to get desired results. Towertools is a leading painting equipment distributor in UAE that assures quality products at affordable rates.

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