Cleaning Security Screen Windows & Doors

Cleaning Security Screen Windows & Doors

Security screen windows and doors are excellent places to offer an additional defence against forced entrance by intruders. Knives, crowbars, and other typical equipment used by burglars to commit break-ins cannot penetrate the finely woven stainless steel mesh.

This tiny mesh, nevertheless, can also collect dirt buildups. These accumulations can obstruct vision and make your screens appear messy. In the long run, they might also compromise the displays’ resilience.

Cleaning security screens on a regular basis will make sure they maintain offering that extra layer of protection to keep attackers outside and provide first responders more time. Learn how to maintain the cleanliness and good condition of screen doors and windows by reading on.

The Best Method for Cleaning Screens, Step by Step

  1. Vacuum
  2. Prepare a cleaning solution
  3. Wash
  4. Rinse and dry
  5. Clean tracks and frame

1. Vacuum the Screen

Use a portable vacuum with an extension hose attachment or a lightweight handheld vacuum.

To gather loose dirt, dust, and debris, turn on the vacuum and run it over the screen’s front surface.

To make sure you don’t miss any areas of the door screen, start at one side and vacuum from top to bottom before moving to the other side with overlapping strokes.

2. Prepare a cleaning solution

About half a gallon of water should be added to a bucket or other container.

1/4 cup of all-purpose cleaning should be added.

In order to make your screen door cleaning solution, combine water and all-purpose cleaner.

3. Wash the Security Screen

In order to prevent it from dripping, dip a clean sponge or microfiber cloth into the cleaning solution.

Apply mild pressure as you wipe the entire screen to help any stuck-on filth come off.

Repeat the process with a fresh sponge or cloth until the screen appears clean.

4. Wipe the screen and dry it

Once the cleaning solution has completely disappeared, turn on your garden hose at low pressure and thoroughly spray the entire screen.

Do this right away after washing the screen to prevent the cleaning agent from drying and leaving a soapy residue behind.

After rinsing, pat the screen dry to remove excess water, and then allow it to air dry.

5. Clean the Frame and Tracks

You need to access the tracks and frame so that you can open your security screen door.

Use the same cleaning solution, sponge, or microfiber cloth to wipe all the grooves in the tracks and frame, but don’t touch the locking mechanism.

Wipe away any extra moisture with a fresh, dry towel, then allow everything to air dry.

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