Ultimate Checklist for Horse-Riding Gear

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Equestrianism is indeed an expensive sport and horseback riding is an expensive hobby. This is mainly due to specific equipment you will need to pursue your hobby. An injury with a heavy animal involved is quite dangerous and so you need to be fully prepared for anything that could happen.

Given below is the ultimate checklist of horse-riding gear required for a safe and enjoyable riding experience:

Riding pants

Riding pants go by several names, some of which are: breeches, riding tights and riding jeans. They basically refer to pants which do not have seams running along the inside of your leg. Riding pants are an essential as it will provide a comfortable riding experience while securing you on the saddle. You can stick to basic ones for now and once you become more experienced you could look into breeches for specific riding positions.

Leather boots

As a beginner, you could opt for ankle boots with a 1-inch heel or cowboy boots for now. Once you become more experienced, ariat boots Australia are a good option to consider. It is important to wear boots while riding as the heel of the boot prevents your foot from slipping through the stirrup which could cause an injury.

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Holding rubber or leather reins as a beginner can be quite uncomfortable, especially if the reins are relatively new. Sweat on your palms can also cause the reins to slip which would not allow you to get a strong grip on the reins. To obtain a strong grip on the reins, gloves are used. Make sure the gloves fit you well and are not too bulky.


You could wear any kind of shirt, jacket or sweater that goes with your pants and boots. Opt for shirts made of breathable fabrics so you will be able to freely move while riding. However, leave excessively loose clothes and accessories aside before you get on your horse as these could strike on the saddle and create noises that might spook your horse and cause an unsafe scenario.


An injury to your head is no joke and horses are in fact animals who have a mind of their own so we should be ready for any scenario that could take place. Protect your head by wearing a helmet that is specifically designed for horse-riding.

Safety vest

While this is not really considered as something that needs to be worn while riding, there is no harm in being more careful. A safety vest can help protect your chest and other vital organs. If you do happen to experience the unfortunate incident of falling off your horse, then a safety vest could help you prevent a fractured rib.

By ticking off this checklist, you are ready for your first ride out of many more to come. While every fall may not pain, it reduces the likelihood of injury so it is better to be safe than sorry. So put on those leather boots, buckle your helmet and mount your horse for a thrilling experience.

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