What are the common mistakes to be avoided while styling your house?

What are the Common Mistakes to be Avoided while Styling your House

Making a house is everyone’s dream. While making it according to your dream, it includes a lot of decisions right from selecting the right furniture. The walls paint colours to the positioning of artwork etc. There are numerous decisions that are considered while styling the perfect house. 

Doing the interior design of your dream house 

Interior designing requires keen knowledge and an eye for visualization. You may like something while out shopping, but it isn’t necessary that it looks perfect in your dream home. 

 When interior designers take the job, they understand in wholesome the size of the rooms. It is lighting, scale, and placement of everything. Visualize how the different items will look in a room and decide whether they will beautify the room design or worsen it.

While doing interior designing, you often end up making a lot of mistakes. If you have got online guaranteed loans for a unemployed to own the space and designing it for yourself, it becomes even more important to avoid common mistakes while designing:

House styling mistakes

·         Keeping all the furniture height same

Think of your house space as a city. And just like a city has different sized buildings, plan your room spaces in a similar manner. Stilliard and dimensions are viewed as the holy grail of design.. If everything is kept of a similar size, or too big or small, it will ruin the space and look of your rooms. 

This one simple styling mistake will make your house space to be utilized to its maximum potential. Fill in the location with a compound of heights and proportions. 

·         Dark coloured furniture in smaller spaces

In urban and metro cities, we often face space constraints. And hence finding the perfect furniture for a smaller space becomes the other challenge.  

One basic mistake is to have dark-coloured furniture in less spacious rooms. While dark, big and bulky furniture might appeal, it is a big no for the house with space constraints. Dark furniture makes the room narrow and cumbersome. 

Better have small, lightweight, and bright coloured furniture for smaller apartments. This will lift the space. Add on linen or lightweight fabric curtains with a light-reflecting colour palette to further make your room feel spacious. 

·         Overdoing the latest design trends

It feels good to have the latest design trends in your home space. But experts have been voicing out to stop following the design fads to make your home décor unique. Rather than overhearing the fads in the market, sit down and visualise what you would love. It could perfectly be something out of the trend, but it should give you the feel-good factor

Overdoing the latest design trends

The house design should make the space feel personal. Think and visualize how would you want to see the space. Which colours & textures, and what do you wish to feel once you step into your house. 

Forget the trends and get the design preferences basis your particular aesthetics and design an area that you will admire for years to come.

·         Not Having Multiple Light Sources

Though the lighting is one of the practical decisions of the design process, you often end up misjudging and making the wrong decisions. 

Lighting is incredibly important for any house space. Brightness represents the expression and feeling of the room. It could be warm and soft or, if not designed properly, could be unflattering and harsh. In fact, nowadays, there are a plethora of choices apart from overhead lighting to create various ambiences.

Consider layering your lighting. Install dimmers and have multiple sources of lighting that too at different heights rather than one or two strong sources. 

Always choose soft white bulbs. These are soothing for the eyes and can make a space feel warm and inviting. Warm lighting helps in setting the mood, makes the room intimate.

·         Buying a Large Dining Table

While designing your dream house, you are often encouraged to make decisions based on the ideal lifestyle you have always dreamt of. Long table dinner parties sound appealing, but it differs greatly, especially if the apartment size is smaller. 

Do not lean into ordering a big dinner table except you are assured of it. Consider purchasing a smaller dinner table, preferably around one, with 4-6 people sitting at max. This will save some space and will adorn the aesthetic of the room. 

·         Hanging the Artwork at wrong heights 

To find the right pieces of art for your home décor is just the half battle won. The height and placement of showcasing the art is the rest of the battle. Just because the art piece is good, it won’t look good just anywhere or at any height. 

To start with, eye-level height always is a safer height to hang things. It is good to hang on a removable hook for a few days or weeks before fixing it permanently. 

You can even avail of doorstep loans for the unemployed to add pieces of artwork to your house.

  • Not Prioritising Greenery

Adding natural elements like indoor plants is something not to be missed out on. You can look for inexpensive, low maintenance plants and flowers, which will not only increase the aesthetics but will keep you connected to nature too. 

Some examples are any variety of Pothos, fiddle-leaf figs, ferns, jade plants, etc. are a few which work best indoor. These do not require much sunlight or constant watering, hence less maintenance and bringing the room to life. 


Dreaming and designing a house space is a tedious and challenging task. It can backfire if some basic mistakes are not avoided. Remember that it is someplace you are going to live, not for any other person to decide. Visualise and see what suits your feelings, emotions, and temperament. And then design it with utmost care. 

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