What is a neck gaiter regularly utilized for?

Neck gaiters commonly come in two assortments: for warm climate and for chilly climate. Our lightweight neck gaiters can keep you cool and ensure when it’s blistering outside or during exercise, while our protected neck gaiters can keep you warm on chilly days – or all year in colder environments. So how would you utilize a neck gaiter? 

Warm Weather Neck Gaiter Uses 

Lightweight neck gaiters are ideal for keeping you agreeable, even on the most sultry days. Wear your neck gaiter on your head to shield your hair from dust, sweat, bugs, even your own bicycle cap! It’s likewise fabulous for securing against burns from the sun scalps, since it’s lighter than a cap or baseball hat. 

Wear it around your neck to make preparations for burning from the sun and absorbing sweat. (On an extra hot day, dunk your neck gaiter in chilly water first to keep yourself cool and invigorated all the while!) Wear your neck gaiter over your face to try not to take in residue and dust, keep messes out of your mouth, and even fill in as an improvised impermanent face veil. 

Chilly climate Neck Gaiter Uses 

Protected and wool lined neck gaiters give additional glow in chilly climate. Wear a neck gaiter on your head to keep your ears hot (or just to keep cap hair under control!). Wear it around your neck to give more warmth than a looser-fitting scarf or wear it up around your face to ensure your jawline, cheeks, and nose from cold winter winds. We’ve even got twofold layer neck gaiters currently to keep you extra hot outside. 

How would you wear a neck gaiter? 

A definitive multi-utilize extra, neck gaiters can be worn quite a few different ways. It’s enjoyable to explore different avenues regarding recent trends and employments. Pinterest and YouTube have huge loads of thoughts for sharp and useful approaches to wear your neck gaiter, and this article from Divergent Travelers shows 16 distinct approaches to wear them. To kick you off, here are six of our top pick and most helpful approaches to wear a neck gaiter. 

Neckerchief and Neck Warmer 

To wear your neck gaiter as a scarf or neckerchief, simply pull the container of texture over your head, allowing it to fall freely around your neck. It’s a basic method to remain warm and polished. On cool days, keep a neck gaiter produced using a hotter texture pulled up higher towards your jawline to go about as a neck hotter. 

Give yourself some additional insurance from the sun by maneuvering the neck gaiter up onto the rear of your head and over your jawline. 

Face Covering 

To wear your neck gaiter as a face veil, pull the container of texture over your head, resting the top just beneath your eyes and pulling the base down to cover your neck and throat. Our breathable textures will serenely shield your face from residue and severe climate. 

Wearing it this way secures against wind chill while skiing, snowboarding, or cycling. When absolutely necessary, it can likewise function as a shoddy face covering when social separating is unimaginable and reason made face covers are accessible, as depicted underneath. 


To wear your neck gaiter as a beanie, start by turning it back to front. Pull it over your head like a cap. Keep in mind, you need the example against your head, and the converse side of the texture looking out. Give the focal point of the a few turns to keep it set up, at that point pull the open end down over your head, covering the back to front segment. 

Hair Wrap (Foulard) 

A foulard is only a designed scarf that can be worn in the hair. To get this fun, boho-motivated look with a neck gaiter, start by pulling it on like a conventional headband, yet pull open the rear of the cylinder so it wraps freely like a scarf. This essential method can fill in as the establishment for heaps of various styles! 


The headband style is incredible for keeping hair set up or absorbing perspiration. For a more cleaned look, you can crease your neck gaiter first by coming to inside the cylinder and bringing one edge down to meet the other, wrong sides together. For a more easygoing impact, simply scrunch it up. Whenever you have your ideal width, simply pull the neck gaiter on like a crown. 


Regardless of whether you have short or long hair, this style is ideal for keeping it out of your face. It’s likewise an incredible counteractant to terrible hair days or awful isolate trims. Start by putting your neck gaiter on like a scarf, as depicted previously. At that point simply pull the cylinder up until it covers your hair. This style can likewise be collapsed or scrunched to various widths relying upon your hair and inclination.

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