Why you should avoid a big wedding?

Is it really important to spend a huge amount on a wedding?? Why is it considered that spending money is vital when two people tie the knot? Why can we not think of an alternative? Is it just because we want to flaunt in front of society? 

The above questions may increase in number, but perhaps you got the idea. The point is why do we need to organise a lavish wedding. We have a number of reasons to spend a lot of money on marriage. Similarly, some reasons explain we can have simple functions too.

Changing society normally expresses concern on the wedding system

Yes, the way we live today raises many questions about the marriage system. Especially the youngsters have many concerns to express on it. Most of them are not happy with the idea of spending money on marriage.

It is important to talk about this concern and try to see every side of this subject. After all, the future generations are sure to work on the marriage system. They will do what they want, and change is the ultimate thing.

A Big wedding is impracticable if it affects future financial conditions

Exactly, we should not get irrational while working on the marriage arrangements. Stop and think for a while. Are you doing the right thing? If the wedding expenses are not bearable for you can affect personal finance in the future, why spend so much?

  • After the wedding, two souls start a new world, and they should have adequate support of money. If they or their parents spend huge money on the wedding function, they may struggle with a money crisis. What is the use?
  • The special concern is for those who take big loans for weddings. The situation can be more challenging for those already struggling with a particular financial issue, such as poor credit. Yes, it can be fine to get small-term Pound 3000 loans for bad credit people. But a big loan can be an irresponsible decision.
  • Spending money on just one function, which happens only once in a life, is better to save that money. It can be used to make a brighter future for the couple and help the two attain stability in financial life.
  • A newly wedded couple can lose the zeal of the relationship if they initially have to bear the financial issues. In fact, this can even lead to divorce because, in the initial stages of a relationship, the emotions are always intense. If they get a positive atmosphere, romance flourishes. If they get complicated circumstances, they may act as worst as an enemy.

Wedding is a traditional occasion, not an opportunity to flaunt

The materialistic humans normally forget this fact, and we all out there do not know how to priorities. Marriage is the amalgamation of two souls through a traditional process. When did it become a thing of luxury?  It is a sort of addiction.

  • Is it a good thing to get married for society? Rationally, it is not. Then why spend on an occasion where people gather for a few hours, eat, enjoy your money and then say goodbye. Shouldn’t we act a bit smarter as the modern era humans for whom money is extremely important?
  • Why do we want to spend hard-earned pennies for those who may not get satisfied with the arrangements? Despite spending a lot on our wedding day, society is sure to apply its own perception. They may call you to arrange who wants to flaunt. They may call you insane to spend so much money and so on.
  • It is foolish to spend money to flaunt on an occasion that is very personal emotional value. There is no end to the desire to flaunt. Once you get addicted, you want to do it for every reason, even if the occasion is not as big as a wedding. It is only in your hands to get rid of a bad habit because that makes you almost throw your money.
  • It is a sort of competition. So, think about it. What are you fighting for? It is a moment of tender emotions. People will not come to pay your expenses and debts whether you have taken the little £1000 loans without a guarantor or a big wedding loan or have sold your old car. No one bears the financial challenges for you.

It is not a rational approach

Yes, the simplest reason not having a lavish wedding is that it is not a rational approach. After all, we live in a smart world, and we need to think logically on this aspect. It is really important to realise and understand that the materialistic and competitive world demands financial stability. It is not wise to spend money on things that are not necessary.

  • Why do you want to create complications in financial life for a one-day occasion? May the rich and super-rich people can do that, but not all of us are rich. Guests are important in our lives because they are friends and family, but their connection with us should be real.
  • Those who love will always love whether you do a simple wedding or a luxury wedding. Invest emotions in your marriage in place of spending money. That makes your relationship flourish better because money cannot define the feelings of the heart.
  • The occasion should be special for you and not for the world that will move on whether you even marry or not. Yes, some basic arrangements should be there to make you feel happy and special. But if the expenses can cause any stress in your financial life later, it is not good for a newly married couple.
  • The wedding expenses are also not good for your parents if they have to bear a big debt due to the wedding. You are a big boy and a big girl now. Why your parents should struggle with a money crisis to bring happiness to your life? Is that your definition of happiness?


We need to understand what is more important for us. Is it the pure emotion between the two souls or the lavish flaunts of our financial strength? Sorry, but you are not applying for a mortgage for which you show your money strength. Keep things rational and make the wedding special and not a burden for your personal finances.

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