10 Marketing Automation Tools for E-commerce Business in 2021

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation tools play an important role in the business, they provide a way to find potential customers without struggling much. They not only just find customers but also help website owners to accomplish their long-term and revenue goals. Website owners can choose tools according to their needs and can make their work much easier with a minimal amount of effort. strategies can also be customized with the help of automation tools. 

Some finest marketing automation tools are shortlisted below:

1. EngageAsap

It focuses on providing powerful features to drive customer engagement and empowering small businesses to grow and extend footprints in the industries. They provide push notifications tools that ensure an increase in performance analysis and maximum customer reach. Its pricing makes it an interesting choice and an excellent deal for the customers. It also maintains full transparency.

Key features: Robust segmentation, tailored notifications, targeted and triggered campaigns, split testing, integrated dashboard

Pricing: The price range starts from $29/month

Suitable for: Micro and small businesses that want to grow and achieve long-term objectives.

2. ActiveCampaign

It is an automation platform that provides software for email marketing, marketing automation, and sales automation, and CRM categories to help businesses to engage with their clients. It provides maximum cooperation and is a budget-friendly option with numerous features.

Key features: Web analytics, Lead scoring, Email marketing

Pricing: The price range starts from $9/month depending on the plan the client select and

Based on contacts.

Suitable for: Small and medium-sized businesses that require flexible and problem-solving solutions with attractive pricing.

3. Omnisend

It is a marketing automation platform that helps customers in expanding their businesses with marketing tools. They provide custom templates that help in creating a smooth workflow and also use customized messages to attract the customer at the right time.

Key features: Advanced reporting, segmentation, product analysis, retention analytics, automation reports, SMS marketing.

Pricing: The price range starts from $16/month, including a demo plan for email marketing.

Suitable for: Businesses and marketing professionals who are at startup level or on a small scale as they provide free demo services and have attractive pricing. 

4. Buffer

It is a marketing automation platform that provides (plan, collaborating, and publishing Thumb-stopping content), Analytical social media performance, engagement (navigating and engaging with the audience). They have scheduling tools for social media, for example, Shop Grid, Hashtag Planners, First Comment, etc.

Key Features: Instagram marketing, track performance, analytical dashboard.

Pricing that: They have 4 plans starting from $15/month exceeding $99/month. Depending upon the plan.

Suitable for:  Businesses and marketers who want to grow on social media with transparency.

5. Autopilot

It is a marketing Automation platform that organizes the customers and shows the client their targeting audience. They set up the campaigns which need to be grown and expand reach, designing email Templates that are personalized ready to send.

Key Features: Revenue attribution, Email marketing, Customer data platform, playbooks, In-app messaging

Pricing: The price range varies from$29/month exceeding to $299/month. They also provide the first month for free.

Suitable for: Customers who want to expand their businesses fastly and with a wide variety of features under a single platform.

6. Zalster

It is a marketing automation company that helps customers in diversifying their businesses with the help of Instagram and Facebook ads. They also provide machine learning and a human workforce to increase the workflow of the business.

Key Features: Social media management, Machine learning, Campaign management, Post scheduling 

Pricing: The price range starts from$39/month but they have custom pricing for their software.

Suitable for: businesses who want to grow and achieve their marketing goals on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram with a clear conversion rate can use this software.

7. Sendinblue

It is a package of all features under a single platform. They offer features such as email marketing, marketing automation, campaigns, SMS messages and also give you access to give your personal touch and help you to choose the right set of tools for the growth of the business.

Key Features: Campaign reports, content management, real-time statistics marketing workflow, email marketing, high delivery rate.

Pricing: price starts from $25/month and varies according to the features with custom pricing.

Suitable for: small and medium-sized businesses with budget packages along with the right set of marketing tools. 

8. Sender

They help the customers in building their businesses with email marketing strategies and act as a guide for giving prepositions that can seek the attention of the viewer. It also provides tools to generate sales and the workflow of the business.

Key Features: Email analytics, Template management, Campaign management, Campaign analytics.

Pricing: The price range starts from$11/month exceeding up to $486 depending upon the number of subscribers and emails.

Suitable for:  Businesses and bloggers who want to spend less and get a variety of features on a non-contractual basis.

9. Drip

It is a marketing automation platform that comes up with email marketing strategies for B2C retailers. They provide flexible automation and customized forms along with campaign reports to increase the workflow of the customer and they have the best deliverability rate compared to other automation competitors.

Key Features: Email sending, Email templates, Revenue dashboard, Segmentation reports

Pricing: The price range varies from$19/monthly exceeding $649 /monthly, accompanied by a 14-day free trial.

Suitable for: B2C retailers and startup companies who want to sell their products online.

10. ManyChat

They come up with the idea of growing business with the use of chat. It provides a marketing platform for both website holders and the visitor and acts as a link between them and promotes the products through different chat platforms such as Instagram, Messenger.

Key Features: Personalized conversations,24×7 availability,analytics,integrations,advanced segmentation.

Pricing: price range for the pro package starts from $10/month and is free for clients with up to 1000 contacts.

Suitable for: Small scale businesses who want to grow with simplicity without any hassle. They also provide trials without the requirement of a credit card.


As the world is stepping on the stairs of digitalization and customers are switching to online platforms for buying products and services. So there is a need to attract customers as there is a lot of competition on digital platforms. For boosting and growing their websites they need marketing automation tools. The tools listed above will help them to attract potential customers and succeed in the long run.

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