How to Feel Happy in a Small Home

Do you live in a small home? Do you hate it because everything is too cramped? Why not decorate your small space to feel happy and relax. Many people dream about a big house, but many others are happy in their small homes. It’s all about finding ways to make the space feel good and cozy. It’s not always easy to be satisfied in a small house. It can feel like you’re living on top of each other, but there are ways to make it work and feel more spacious. You can feel happy and relaxed in your small home!

In this blog post, we will talk about ten different ways to decorate your small home to be more comfortable.

Keep Your House Clean

The first way to make a small space feel more spacious is by keeping it clean. A home that’s always cluttered and dirty feels messy, leading to frustration or even anger. Hire someone if you need extra help with this task, so you don’t have to worry about the messiness anymore! Keep your home clean and organized daily. Vacuum furniture, bedding, floor mats, and area rugs regularly schedule a healthy environment.

Use Vertical Space

The next way to make a small space feel more spacious is by using vertical space! Hang artwork, photos, and trinkets from the wall or ceiling for an interesting look. Add mirrors on your walls to feel like you have another room in there with double the size. Use shelves to store things instead of cluttering up counters.

Less is Always More

When living in a small space, less can always be more. Keep only what items you need and want for your life, which will give your home that much-needed breathing room! Keep your decorations to a minimum and opt for small furniture pieces. Don’t keep too much furniture in one place. Organize it throughout the house.

Paint Your Walls White

If you’re living in a small space, paint your walls white. This will create a greater sense of space and make it seem like the room is larger than it is. It’s also easy to decorate with color when there are fewer obstacles around! White shade on the walls will give your home a clean and calm vibe. Also, it is a color of peace and serenity that will reflect in your home vibes.

Invest in Quality Linens and Floor Coverings

Living with limited space can take its toll on your bedtime routine, but investing in quality sheets and linens is important for feeling relaxed and comfortable every night and having a good night’s sleep. To make your home feel happy and calm, it is important to have a rug. This makes it cozy, relaxing, and comfortable. Invest in a soft and textured wool rug to stop your tiny space from feeling claustrophobic and narrow. You can even paint your walls in light colors or use neutral hues to help the room feel more open. It may seem like a silly option, but comfort should be your top priority when living in a limited space! When looking for furniture pieces to invest in, make sure they have plenty of back support and are upholstered well so you won’t feel any pressure on your joints or discomfort.

Keep the Perfect Balance of Storage

Storage is key when it comes to living in a small space. Even if you don’t have room for storage furniture, there are plenty of creative ways to create more storage. You can generate corner shelves or build a cupboard to take advantage of unused space. Additionally, you can create storage space by using the nook at the bottom of your stairs and keep extra boxes under your bed for additional space.

Color Scheme Matters

Color scheme matters when it comes to living in a small space. If you want your home to feel spacious and energizing, opt for colors like red or orange, which are known for boosting energy levels. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more soothing and calming, black is the way to go! A single color scheme might not work in smaller spaces as well as it does in larger ones. Experiment with different colors on the furniture and walls to see what best suits the room.

Moreover, Paint the walls in your home a bright, cheery color to make it feel bigger and more welcoming. You can also opt for light colors like cream or white if you’re looking for something calming instead of energizing. In addition to that, add pops of color through accessories such as throw pillows on sofas or paintings hung on the walls. You can also add color through your decorative items, such as plants or artwork.

Display Memories

Another often overlooked way to make your house feel like a home is through displaying memories. Instead of packing away old photos and items, show them in an easy-to-reach spot such as on the coffee table or mantelpiece. Sticking pictures on the fridge door and creating a gallery in the corner will make you feel happy. Hang a collage of photos on the walls to fill space, and frame more pictures in the hallway to create a gallery.

Add Extra Lighting

Get creative with lighting! Use lamps instead of overhead lights for more intimate spaces that will make you feel relaxed. Add a lamp to your desk or bedside for reading, and stick string lights in the garden so you can enjoy it after the dark. Get creative with lighting! Hang string lights for bohemian-inspired decor. Instead of using overhead lights that give off harsh light, use lamps instead, cast more flattering shadows on faces, and make rooms seem warmer. Play around with colorful Turkish and Moroccan lamps to add color and life to your home.

Bring Nature Inside

Bring nature inside with plants! Plants will brighten up any space and bring in the fresh air. Shop for low-maintenance indoor plants that can survive on minimal light to keep your home feeling like a happy place. Keep small flower pots on the balcony or in front of the main door. Also, decorate windows with plants and flowers to make the space fresh and energized.

Do What You Love

Find what you enjoy and make that your craft. Whether it’s cooking art, or writing poetry, whatever it is, find time for just you! When we spend time doing the things we enjoy most in life, our day will feel more fulfilled (and happy). It could be as simple as a face mask or a cup of tea. Me-time is important to be happy and relax after a hectic day.

Glitter-ify Your Space

Add some sparkle to your space! Add a bit of glitter and shine wherever you can with the help of sticky, shimmery wallpaper or paint. Make sure not to overdo with glitters, though, so that it doesn’t feel tacky. Glitter is scientifically proven to make anything happier!

Summing Up

If you’re feeling cramped or your small home is making you feel down, these tips on how to stay happy in a smaller living space will provide some inspiration. We hope they give you the boost of positive energy and motivation that we all need sometimes! Now go out there and make those beautiful memories – no matter what size house you have. Area rugs are an easy way to brighten up any room, so don’t forget to shop for one at RugKnots if this article has inspired you enough!

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