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Have you recently bought decorative mirrors for the living room? Are you aware of their perfect positioning? Using decorative mirrors for the living room can capture light. They help to create an elongated textural delusion. Besides that, the correctly positioned mirrors can highlight your favorite accessories. The juggle for buying and placing decorative mirrors is real. The problem of size, designs, patterns, and colors is frequently faced by buyers. Attaining satisfaction after purchase becomes difficult. Even after investing huge money, the space looks dull. In addition, mounting decorative mirrors also needs some techniques and efforts. Things get difficult even with the detailed brochure. Moreover, the enthusiasm of adorning them goes down. You have to be hard to get a good handhold around the edges.



  • Replace paintings or other artworks for decorative mirrors in big hallways and rooms.
  • Paint the walls with neutral colors to complement mirrors effortlessly.
  • Buy mirrors in sets to uncover the bare walls.
  • Decorative mirrors for the living room in unique shape can enlighten the aura.


  • Avoid using other artworks while placing decorative mirrors for the living room. Avoid too large and too small mirrors for visual appeal.
  • Do not add a bang of colors to achieve minimalism.
  • Avoid the decorative mirrors in front of the burning flame.



 Using decorative mirrors is the best way to brighten a room. Mirrors create an illusion of a brighter and larger room as they reflect light. Eventually, to increase the onset of light and beauty, place the mirrors in front of the window. Decorative mirrors recoil back the natural look of the outside surroundings.

  • Rooms with Monotonous look –

Mirrors help to create a texture around the room. By using wooden frame decorative mirrors, a vintage look can be achieved. Moreover, some 3-dimensional living room wall mirrors create an elongated level. Furthermore, to reflect a particular decorative accessory they must be bought in vertical size.

  • Decorative mirrors for living room

– A big size decorative mirror on the entrance is enough to allure onlookers. To define minimalism, no other artworks should be displayed. Placing mirrors in the set create equilibrium on the walls. Always ensure to place the decorative mirrors at least 4 to 5 feet above the floor.

  1. Place decorative mirrors above the mantle- Vinaigrette the mantle to produce a unique look. While dressing it up always keep in mind the height of the cloak. Purchase a decorative mirror that is double in height as your mantle. Round shaped wood frame mirrors are considered best for decoration.


The trend of mirrors as decorative constitutes gained popularity recently. They played the conventional role of reflecting the image in the past. With the new décor trends, mirrors also witnessed creativity. But positioning mirrors outdoors is still not admired. Readout why the mirrors are perfect for gardens:

  The Best position for decorative mirrors in Garden-

Positioning small decorative mirrors in the garden create the illusion of a big area. Using mirrors at the entrance not just exert a pull on visuals, but on eyesight too. Place the mirrors around your plants as the reflection of greenery in the mirrors will look amiable. Additionally, wood frame mirrors complement nature’s aura hence makes the garden beautiful.

What kind of decorative mirrors should be used in the garden?

Wood Frame decorative mirrors- Among all the mirrors available, wood frame mirrors are considered best for the garden. The wooden edges made of oak and pine lightens the space. The rooms with sufficient light must contain light colored wood frame decorative mirrors. Wallmantra has exclusive quality of wood frame mirrors made by creative artisans in unique shapes.

Elegant Decorative Mirrors- 

Intricate décor accessories rule the trend. Positioning elegant decorative mirrors in the garden do not dull nature’s aura. They appeal to the visitors at first sight. A square or rectangular mirror offers an authentic look. Placing pretty lights nearby plants and mirrors can work even better. The artistic skills of artisans of Wallmantra are profusely blended. It is almost impossible to find a wide range of decorative mirrors than on Wallmantra.   

Glass Abstract decorative wall mirrors- 

Although they are difficult to maintain, but look classy in gardens. They provide an elegant appearance. The frameless edges are well-polished and look sober. They have better quality than plain glass mirrors. Besides aesthetically pleasing, its slanted edge bestows a long life. They are one of the most loved mirrors for garden for their manifestation.


 In other words, if you are looking for exclusive mirrors, go for Wallmantra. The quality of decorative mirrors is unmatchable and unique.

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