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WallMantra is a trusted eretail platform for home/office decorative products. At WallMantra, we offer Paintings, Clocks, Mirrors, Planters, Frames, Aquariums, Lamps, Wallpapers/stickers, Decorative Wall Plates, etc. in several shapes, designs, and sizes at reasonable prices. We are acknowledged for offering high-quality decorative products, timely delivery, and excellent customer care support.


Have you recently bought decorative mirrors for the living room? Are you aware of their perfect positioning? Using decorative mirrors for the living room can capture light. They help to create an elongated textural delusion. Besides that, the correctly positioned mirrors can highlight your favorite accessories. The juggle for buying and placing decorative mirrors is real. The problem […]

Get Big Wall Clocks For Your Living Room Walls And Impress Yourself

Walls are one of ours creative playground which deserves to be demonstrated the way your mind is. Paintings are surely one of the best ways to project a classy wall, but that which completes the look of a wall is a clock. Wall clocks have been acting as an ornate element for walls since ages. […]

Planning To Redecorate Your Room With Modern Décor? Here We Are!

Time to give away the same old rusty shelves and cabinets.  Also, give away the messy table with magazines spread in an unorganized way. Wallmantra gets you elegant and designer display shelves and bar cabinets which replenishes the entire look and feel of your favorite room and dining area. Bar cabinets at Wallmantra are designer’s […]

What Makes Your Table An Artistic Space If Not A Statement Table Lamp

Table lamps add a mystical beauty in the room where it’s place. These lights impart a warm and subtle glow, which low-key brightens up a space, but spreads a surreal vibe around. It is majorly used for beautifying the table area and it tones down the hustle-bustle of your room. In other words, it tries […]

Why Are Table Accents One Of The Most Important Elements Of Décor

The first thing which comes to mind for décor is either table accents or showpieces. These are the most important elements for your home décor which imparts a classic finishing touch. Wondering what kind of décor pieces are we talking about? We are here with some plenty of décor items which you can pick that […]

Picture Frames Are Not Just Showpieces, Rather It Portrays Your Thoughtfulness

When you come across a specific photo frame set, there are quite a few thoughts which cross you mind. You ponder over the beauty, the theme, the colors and most importantly the thoughts and interests of the person who hung it. They say art expresses emotions which words cannot, the same goes with picture frames […]

How to Bring the Lost Romance Back into Your Life

When you start a relationship, everything is new, and you have passion for it. Feelings enthrall you and fill you up with happiness and joy. With time, it becomes routine work for you and you begin feeling boredom or dullness. If you keep the things going on, your relationship can end one day. You need […]

7 Canvas Painting Ideas to Implement in Your Home Décor

Home decoration is an easy task. However, it becomes a little tricky for you if you are doing it for the first time. As you look for home décor ideas, you will come across a lot of decorative items that could be clocks, aquariums, paintings, wall frames, etc. Suppose that you decide to hang a […]

7 Exciting Wooden Photo Frame Ideas for Your Wall Gallery

Our home is the best place on the earth for us. We take every possible effort to make it comfortable and have an appealing look. And for this, we use high-grade products to adorn it. For decorating our home, we have numerous options, and wall frames or photo frames are one of them. As you […]

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