Insider Tips for Marketing Your Business Through Mastodon


It is fascinating to experience the rapid popularity of Mastodon. It is indeed an option that community-centric people were looking for a long time and BOOM, it is here now! It challenges the modern barriers of social media and answers the needs of social media enthusiasts. Although it has seen more active participation from individuals, businesses are soon grasping the crux of it and attempting to tame its power for marketing and beyond. There are a handful of businesses and non-profits that have already tried their luck but had met with restraints of diverse nature. If you are migrating to Mastodon and want it to be a successful investment, Analytodon has some marketing tips that would help you lower your efforts and double the gains. So, here they go:

Do not delay

It is time to get started. The slower you will be, the more you lose. We have observed that the biggest problem that businesses face when joining Mastodon is choosing the right server. This is a critical decision but there is no reason you should delay it anymore. Make sure you choose a server that aligns with your brand and does not miss out on checking the policies and operational capabilities of the maintainer.

You can always change the instance at a later stage and keep that in mind that you will have to. Mastodon is prepared to offer support and there is a built-in feature to help you migrate to other instances seamlessly. You can always choose to run your own Mastodon instance.

Make it official and let everyone know

Although silent moves count, there is no need to keep your Mastodon debut under wraps. Make your Mastodon address public knowledge and also include it in your Twitter bio. Add the Mastodon address to places where people can see it. This should be an address that goes in your social media portfolio and is sent to everyone in the loop.

Migrate your followers with you

Switching from Twitter does not mean you should be losing all those followers you earned with so much effort. It may be a tough task to do but with the modern tools available in the market, it can be done easily and in time. These tools aid you in finding a match for your followers with your Mastodon accounts.

Keep it fresh

Your content for other social media accounts may or may not work for Mastodon and hence you need to take a personalized approach. Tailor-make messages to suit your followers’ needs as well as the requirements of the platform.

Pay attention to analytics

Unlike Twitter, there is no analytics support offered by Mastodon. With that said, it is going to be a tough job for you to keep track of your impressions and interactions. While the platform works on its analytical capabilities, you can find the required support from us. At Analytodon, we are a dedicated company offering Mastodon Analytics Support to businesses and individuals. With us, you can easily track your follower count, your most popular toots, boosts, favourites, and more. We understand the need of our clients as well as Mastodon well so we come prepared to solve your analytical problems and offer you meaningful insights.

Mastodon is booming and soon would bloom in its full glory. It is the right time to empower yourself with analytics and tame the budding platform.

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