Clubhouse Clone: Join The Trends Of Audio-based Social Media App With An App Like Clubhouse

MorWhen the waves of social media took over the entire world, the concept of audio-based social media apps arose. Unlike social media apps, audio-based apps provide a whole-some entertainment for people to communicate with each other through audio notes. 

The Clubhouse app has created a buzz among all of us in recent days. This audio based social media app allows users to join rooms and make interactions with others through voice chat. When a trend or demand is prevailing in the market, it will be the right time to enter the market. With an app like Clubhouse, you can also enter the race of audio-based social media apps.

How to start an app like Clubhouse?

Clubhouse app has become the talk of the town these days. Wherever you go, at every nook and corner, the app has become popular. You can also compete in the market with a Clubhouse like app. The Clubhouse clone app, the replicated version of the standard model, will be the best choice for you to set your foot in the market. 

At Appdupe, we offer a ready-to-launch Clubhouse clone app developed with distinctive features. However, with our Clubhouse clone app, you can aim for a quick launch in the market. Our Clubhouse clone is well-crafted with the following features,

  • Onboarding / registration 

Upon downloading the app, the users can register with the app by giving their username, email address, and passwords. Immediately, the users can also create their profile by adding their photos and short description.

  • Room

Voice-based discussions happen in rooms. The users can see rooms and participate in conversations with other users. The app also allows the users to create new rooms for discussions. ‘Start a discussion’ option at the screen allows the users to create their rooms.

With our Clubhouse clone, the users can leave the room at any point without disturbing the other users. 

  • Search 

The search option is one of the essential features that allow the users to browse through the app. The users can search other user profiles, rooms, and discussions where they wish to join.

  • Clubs 

This is one of the standard features of social media apps. The app allows users to create clubs and communities. Moreover, people with like-minded and common interests will join the clubs and discuss with each other. 

  • Calendar 

The Clubhouse clone app is in-built with a calendar for the users to schedule upcoming events for which the users have shown interest to participate. 

  • Notifications 

This is one of the app’s essential features, and without this feature, no app will ever operate. However, the clubhouse clone app will send notifications to the users about discussions and rooms conducted by users in their follower’s lists. 

What is the total cost of developing an app like Clubhouse?

One question that constantly comes to your mind is the cost of developing a Clubhouse clone app. The price of developing an app cannot be fixed with any upfront cost. Several determinants influence the cost factors. For example, the customization level, features, app platform, UX/UI designs, and functionalities. 

In addition, if you opt for additional technical assistance like API integration, bug fixing, and testing, the cost will considerably increase.

Summing up,

Audio-based social media apps like Clubhouse are making round the corners with immense popularity. Well, it’s time for you to join the race with our Clubhouse clone app. Approach us and schedule a meeting with our expert team to proceed further.

Dia adalyn is a software engineer for more than 5 years in a reputable company. She is a freelancer. She is well known for her content writing skills and knowledge.

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