How can an Indian settle abroad?

Western countries hold a lot of fascination for Indians. This is because these companies provide an opportunity for higher income, more work opportunities, high standards of living and liberal government policies.

These are the reasons that the youth of today wants to settle abroad. According to a survey of the past decade due to the easy availability of Australia PR and PR of other countries many Indians have settled abroad.

The best countries for PR

Many countries offer Permanent Residency or PR like Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Germany etc. However, Australia and Canada are the most popular among Indians. Apart from providing the best benefits of PR the processing of the PR in these countries is also much faster than other countries.

Lack of opportunities in India

India has no dearth of talent whether it comes to doctors, engineers, management graduates or any other professionals. However, these professionals do not get the right employment opportunities in India. Even if they do the compensation is not up to the mark.

This is the reason that many Indians prefer to settle in foreign countries that are much more advanced compared to India. In India many people do not find the chance to make a decent living. For instance, when it comes to Germany the salaries for engineers is ten times higher than in India.

Even graduate students get the opportunities for internships, student jobs, full time employment and part time jobs. With the help of these jobs the students don’t just get money, but they also get valuable experience. The advanced countries like Canada, Australia, Germany etc. have many family owned businesses along with large world renowned companies.

Work life balance
The best part is that the advanced countries don’t just provide a better paycheck, they also provide a chance for better work life balance. The best part is that work timings are adhered to and no one is expected to spend more time in the office beyond work hours. If you do work after work hours you are compensated fairly for this. The work culture in the
western advanced countries is very healthy and you will never be disturbed at odd hours like in India. This is the reason that along with Canada PNP, Indians want to do their best to settle abroad.

Healthcare and social security
The healthcare system in India is not very friendly and public healthcare is western countries is very advanced. At the same time, health insurance makes sure that this system is affordable for anyone who needs it. In fact in Germany almost everyone gets free healthcare facilities.

The healthcare system in countries like Canada and Australia is expensive but then the insurance companies provide complete healthcare cover which ensures that everyone gets affordable healthcare.

Once you have understood the reasons for why Indians want to settle abroad, the next step is to understand how this can be done.

Depending on your age you can apply for a study visa in either Canada, Australia or Germany. Students are welcomed in these countries and these students later can get jobs once they have finished their studies.
These countries allow the students to earn back the amount that they have spent on their education. At the same time, once the students are in a job, their employer can provide sponsorship for them to extend their stay in these countries.
Based on this they can get a Permanent residency visa in Canada or Australia or any other foreign country. It is easy to get PR in both these countries. This is because they value skills and talent and understand that the students who have gained education in their countries can be very helpful in enhancing the standards of these countries. One of the methods to settle abroad is to go there as a student and the other way is to go there as a skilled professional. Many professionals who have gained education in India from the premier institutes for engineering, medicine, management etc. are able to get jobs in the advanced countries.

For instance, software and computer engineers are in high demand in the USA and Canada. You can first of all apply for a job through an immigration consultant agency and then once you get the job and live in the country for few years you can apply for a PR visa. As mentioned above the countries like Canada and Australia are lenient with their visa policies and it is quite easy to get this visa.

The best part is that once you go to these countries with a study visa or as an employee of any company in these countries, it becomes easy to get a PR visa. In fact, if you go through immigration agents, then the method becomes even easier, because they take care of all the formalities like language proficiency test etc. They also educate you on how to appear for the visa interview.

Many Indians are taking the help of the immigration agents and going to western countries to settle there and enjoy the high standards of living.

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