Top 10 Best Plants for Your Desk at Work in 2021

Plants for Your Desk at Work

For a lot of people, office is often regarded as the second home since here they spend around 10 to 12 hours. But at times spending such a long duration at work may seem to be a drag but when you have some décor near your desk then it would give you that homely feeling.

Plants or having greens at your desk can add to a lot of positivity and it would give you that living room feel at your working space itself. But the question arises as to how do you choose best plants for your desk at work.

There are more than hundreds and thousands of plants available but not all of them are suitable for the office desk space. There are many of these plants which can easily thrive on low sunlight with little care or maintenance. On the other hand, there are few others as well that are suited for office desk but they would need to be taken care of properly and also the conditions should be favorable for them to thrive longer.

Let us have a look at few of those plants which can turn out to be best plants for your desk at work:

1. Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera is considered to be one of the best skin remedies due to the healing properties it contains. Those who are planning to add a new plant to their office can be relieved that aloe plant is very low in terms of maintenance and care. As long as there is adequate amount of sunshine, this plant can easily survive in office conditions as well. Aloe plants help in purifying the air around, they are attractive due to their lush green characteristic and they are famously known for producing aloe gel which has lots of benefits. Though for some it may not seem to be an aesthetically pleasing plant but it can surely survive through the year.

2. Bamboo

Those who work in bigger and spacious offices, the Bamboo Palm plant can turn out to be one of the best choices in terms of indoor plant. These plants would need less amount of light and their growth rate is also fast. Bamboo plants have long stems with larger leaves. Hence it can give you that greenery effect in the office ambience. Lucky bamboo plant is the preferred choice for most by most of the office goers.

3. Jade Plant

The Jade plant is also referred to as crassula ovata. It is basically a small type of succulent plant that has small flowers. Jade needs minimal amount of watering and care. In Japan, this plant is considered to be the money plant since it is said that its presence in the environment brings financial success.

4. Snake Plant

Snake plant is quite an easy plant to be maintained. It makes for an ideal choice to be kept indoors in the office so that you would feel that home itself. Snake plants can easily survive in any environment. Even when you do not water the plant for days, they can survive well. Snake plants are hardy and impossible to kill; they prefer growing in room temperatures. Snake plants help in purifying the air around and releasing fresh and clean oxygen. It also has a beautiful appearance thus making it one of the perfect desk additions.

5. Cactus

You can find more than 2000 varied types of cactus around the globe. All of these cactus type fit well in the office environment. Cactus do need considerable amount of sunlight hence it would not be the best option for those offices that are dimly lit. Due to their size, you can easily fit them in those places which has enough amount of sunlight. It hardly needs water or any care except for sunlight. You can choose the cactus based on the variety and style that would fit your office desk.

6. Peace Lily

This is considered to be one of the best options for desk plant since they are the best in cleaning up the air from toxins. Peace lily are low maintenance plants and they hardly need much care. The watering would depend on the environment they are placed. If you see the leaves starting to drop off slightly then you should understand that it is time for watering the plant. Peace lily prefers to be in moist conditions and not much of sunlight. Indirect sunlight is preferred by this plant.

7. Succulents

The succulents are also considered to be one of the ideal choices for desk plants. You can find succulents in varied shapes, sizes and colors. For every décor you can find your type of succulent plant. These plants only need water for once in a week and it is best to place these plants near the window. Too much of sunlight can burn them hence beware to keep them just where you get sunlight for few hours. When the succulents start to grow bigger, you can cut off the top most leaves.

8. Gerber Daisy

For those individuals who are searching out for plants that are flowering in nature can go in for the Gerber Daisy. It is considered to be a beautiful plant that can be part of the office desk décor. You can find different varieties of this plant in terms of color which would help in adding up some life to the otherwise boring workplace. These flowering plants are small in size hence they can fit in any workplace easily. They also help in the purification of the air wherein it filters out benzene from the air. You can place this plant where there is sufficient amount of sunlight for few hours.

9. Spider Plant

The Spider plant is also considered a popular choice when it comes to desk plants. These plants are low-maintenance ones and can easily stay with just partial amount of shade as well as light. There is also no need for watering these plants on a regular basis. It can go without water for one to two days. Spider plants also help in the purification of the air.

10. Lemon Balm

These are the super fragrant plants that can stay in either complete shade or complete sunlight. You can place them near the window or on your desk. They are hardy in nature. Having the lemon balm plant can help in lifting your mood instantly and also boost productivity. The scent of this plant does not carry any medicinal properties but it surely can lead to mood enhancement. So, for all of those office goers who find their workplace stressful, adding this plant to your desk would surely not hurt.


Having a lot of plants at your office has a number of advantages so get the best plants for your desk at work. If you are still unsure about best plants for your desk at work, contact the indoor plant provider near you and with their expertise, you may design your own workspace.

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