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Making the shift from curtains or just want to try something different? Shopping for roller blinds online is a convenient option. 

A roller blind is so much more than just another window furnishing. It can be a creative element and significant style statement. Not only does it dress up a window, it also exemplifies the personality and character of your home. As a bonus, their minimalist design and simplicity makes them a firm favourite amongst modern homes.

Take your pick from various colours, patterns, and fabrics, to match your design theme or stand out. Either way, roller blinds lend themselves to many different interior schemes and are worth exploring. 

Ordering custom-made roller blinds online is easier than you may think. Once you know what you want, the rest is a piece of cake. Usually the process of choosing is what tends to frustrate most. So here is a look at some of the most common queries rounded up.

How do I choose a good roller blind?

There are many different things to consider when it comes to choosing a good roller blind. The right one makes all the difference in looks, as well as in managing heat and light. 

Simply put, they are made out of a single layer of fabric wrapped around a tube or roll. At each end of this, you will find the mechanisms. These in turn are attached to the chain which controls the blinds – the chain is then fixed to the bracket. Overall, there are two main types of roller blinds:

  1. Blockout

Blockout or blackout blinds as they are also called, are mainly used for nurseries, bedrooms and media/ entertainment rooms. They help with keeping light out and improve insulation thanks to their thicker material. This makes them ideal for getting good sleep and making the kids’ naptime easier. Also favoured by night shift workers, blockout roller blinds are great for complete privacy too. 

  1. Sheer (Sunscreen/ Filter)

Sheer roller blinds are the exact opposite of blockouts. Typically these come in two variations: Sunscreen and light filter.

  • Sunscreen fabrics are great for providing protection from sunlight. They can block UV rays by up to around 95%, and also protect your interiors such as furniture and flooring. What is more, they allow you to maintain your views to the outside, while giving you daytime privacy. So they’re great for areas like the living room, kitchen, and other places where you need to get things done.
  • Light filtering fabrics are wonderful for diffusing and filtering light into a space. They are fantastic in rooms that face a lot of harsh sunlight. You get to make the most of this natural light instead of having to shut it all out. Additionally, they are designed to block views from the outside-in and vice versa. So if you face a too-close neighbour or street or have a view you would rather not see, these blinds are great. 

Both sunscreen and light filter fabrics are energy-efficient. This means you can have a warmer home in Winter and cooler home in Summer.

Your choice of fabric is key, and the essence of a good roller blind that fits your needs. 

How do I choose blinds for my house?

When you buy roller blinds online or any blind for that matter, it is not all that different to buying them in-store. In fact, this could be more convenient since you do not even have to leave home. You get to make all your decisions right from where you are.

So when it comes to choosing blinds for your house, essentially you are looking at the same process.

  • Room style: What is the theme? Traditional? Contemporary? Rustic? Minimalist? Choose colours and patterns according to your design theme.
  • Cords/ Chains: Homes with young kids or pets may prefer cordless blinds. Or to tuck these away safely if they do like how they look. 
  • Automated/ manual operation: On that same note, motorised blinds are all the rage so convenient and look oh-so luxe. Do you want to automate your blinds or manually operate them?
  • Material: As mentioned above, there are different fabrics to choose from. Choosing wisely will give you both practical and functional blinds suited specifically for each room.

Should blinds be lighter or darker than walls?

There is no straightforward answer to this question, because it really boils down to personal preference. Having said that though, each has its own effect in the overall look. 

For instance, opting for blinds that are the same/ similar colour to walls will create a more uniform, continuous look. This means they will not draw attention to themselves and blend in with the theme. It is great for when you want to keep things simple and avoid design mishaps.

Blinds that are lighter than walls will help create contrast in the room. The advantage of lighter blinds is that if your walls are darker, you can lighten things up. This will help you balance the space. This is also a handy trick for making smaller rooms seem bigger.

Blinds that are darker than the wall colour will make them stand out as a key feature. These are usually reserved for bold design statements. You can match such colours to other key pieces of furniture or artwork. A dark blue couch for instance will match beautifully with dark blue blinds. 

Should roller blinds be wider than the window?

Your roller blinds or any window covering, should also help improve insulation in your home. Hence, the ideal fit is what is recommended. The key to ensure this is to measure as directed when opting for DIY online roller blinds. Do not try to make deductions for brackets and the like, these will be taken care of. 

While wide roller blinds may cover the sides, they may not always sit right. This results in the blinds looking a little awkward. In order to prevent any light gaps, you can consider adding side channels. These also add further insulation as an added benefit. 

How much are roller blinds?

When browsing through roller blinds for sale you will find that prices are varied. For instance, a roller blinds online quote for a DIY process will be cheaper than getting someone out. Today this is a very common option, as measuring and installing blinds is much easier than you would think. Plus with the help of a guide, you simply cannot go wrong. You can get custom-made, luxury blinds in the style and fabric you prefer at up to 70% less than retail. That is a huge saving! 

Use this article to help you in choosing the right roller blinds for your needs. It covers everything you need to know, for easier decision-making. Good luck!

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