Magnificent Perennial Plants for a New Garden Available Year-round

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A garden is a place of peace. When we are planning for a garden there are a lot of factors to consider. We have to take care of soil drain. Sun will affect whether you need full Sun perennials or shade perennials. Full sun means more than 6 to 7 hours of direct sunlight, while the part sun is half, and shade means an area gets no direct sun or only a shade of morning sun. For making our Garden beautiful and healthy we have to add some variety to a garden to keep it interesting. No matter how big or small a garden is, there is always a space for one more plant.

 Now you can order plants online for your garden. If you want to plant a garden we have to consider what to grow?  If you want to make a combination of vegetables, herbs, or flowers, the combination makes our Garden stunning but you will have different maintenance and

Here are some plants for a new garden:


 Roses look very lovely in any garden, whether you have a tiny pot or a large backyard. Roses are not as picky as you think. Many new types have been available to be long-blooming and more resistant to disease and they don’t need to be that headed or have spent Blossoms removed so they keep flowering. Stick with the Shrub or landscape rules for your first attempt because they require almost zero care.


 Hydrangeas are very perfect plants with hundreds of different varieties. They can survive in any climate easily. The lesser blooms emerge in early summer and last to fall and they stay intact on the shrug to provide winter season. One common thing is that you can change the bloom color or any hydrangea. The fact is only certain types of big leaf and mountain hydrangeas change color based on the presence of aluminum in the soil requirements for that type of garden.


Columbine is a showy plant suitable for almost any climate. Native to mountain regions. It grows brightly colored flowers and this is very easy to grow. This plant is perfect for beginners. These plants grow 12 to 24 inches with a similar flower in Spring and early summer. This kind of plant is available for shopping indoor plants online. It includes 75 different herbs.

Butterfly Bush

The common name of this plant indicates the meaning of the name. Its flowers draw butterflies and other pollinators such as the honeybee, hummingbirds, and butterfly bush is a large plant growing at least 6 to 8 feet with a spread as much as 5 feet with thick Woody stocks. Usually considered a delicious Shrub and behaves as such in warmer climates. In colder climates, it is treated more like a herbaceous plant dying back to ground level each winter. The streams are down to 8 to 12 inches above the ground in  Spring which creates new growth.


This is an evergreen plant and nothing is easier to grow than the Marigold. These plants bring a wealth of gold Copper and brass into our summer and autumn garden. The popularity of the flower of this plant is probably derived in part from its ability to bloom brightly all summer long.


The sunflower is an evergreen plant with a large Daisy-like flower face. Its scientific name comes from the Greek word the flower of this plant came in many colors like yellow, red, orange, Maroon, brown but there commonly bright yellow with brown centers. That ripens into heavy heads filled with seeds. The meaning of sunflower is to follow the movement of the Sun across the sky east to west and then return at night to face the East. And ready again for the morning sun.


This is one of the easiest growable plants. Zinnia plants bring an explosion of color wherever they grow from spring until the first frost in fall. Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to the cherry flowers that Bloom in nearly every bright color. They grow quickly and reliably making them a great choice for first time flower gardens. In their low maintenance requirements and the variety of sizes and shapes flowers of this plant bloom in shades of orange, pink,  purple, red, white, and yellow, leaves are the mid-green color of this plant.

All these plants are easy to grow. You can easily grow these plants with little maintenance. Here is the list of plants for your first garden that makes the garden beautiful and provides a healthy and fresh environment.

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